Waveline Media Displays

The Waveline Media series is a special version of the highly popular Waveline tension fabric exhibit system. Each Waveline Media “kit” combines two display sections with monitor support in the middle. Multiple shapes and sizes of the Waveline Media display are available. You can choose one of the pre-designed kits, or design your own.

Individual Frame & Graphic Kits - BUILD YOUR OWN KITS with these custom shapes. 

wlm_framekit_AWLM-A 57″ x 96″
HW-Graphic: $700.00
HW-DS Graphic: $950.00
Graphic: $465.00
DS Graphic: $750.00

wlm_framekit_BWLM-B 113″ x 100″
HW-Graphic: $1150.00
HW-DS Graphic: $1650.00
Graphic: $865.00
DS Graphic: $1400.00

wlm_framekit_CWLM-C 79″ x 107″
HW-Graphic: $985.00
HW-DS Graphic: $1450.00
Graphic: $765.00
DS Graphic: $1245.00

wlm_framekit_EWLM-E 57″ x 89″
HW-Graphic: $590.00
HW-DS Graphic: $785.00
Graphic: $365.00
DS Graphic: $575.00

wlm_framekit_FWLM-F 116″ x 89″
HW-Graphic: $1035.00
HW-DS Graphic: $1550.00
Graphic: $835.00
DS Graphic: $1335.00

wlm_framekit_GWLM-G 89″ x 89″

wlm_framekit_HWLM-H 40.5″ x 129″

HW-Graphic: $710.00
HW-DS Graphic: $975.00
Graphic: $465.00
DS Graphic: $750.00

wlm_framekit_IWLM-I 57″ x 129″

HW-Graphic: $875.00
HW-DS Graphic: $1235.00
Graphic: $615.00
DS Graphic: $1000.00

wlm_framekit_KWLM-K 57″W x 93.6″H
HW-Graphic: $690.00
HW-DS Graphic: $960.00
Graphic: $465.00
DS Graphic: $750.00

wlm_framekit_LWLM-L 79″W x 129″H
HW-Graphic: $1165.00
HW-DS Graphic: $1715.00
Graphic: $915.00
DS Graphic: $1465.00

wlm_framekit_MWLM-M 79″W x 96.3″H
HW-Graphic: $930.00
HW-DS Graphic: $1335.00
Graphic: $700.00
DS Graphic: $1125.00

wlm_framekit_NWLM-N 79″W x 89″H
HW-Graphic: $815.00
HW-DS Graphic: $1140.00
Graphic: $575.00
DS Graphic: $935.00

 Accessories / U Clamps / Feet
*Each foot base comes with the WLM#23 (aluminum necking length)
and the price reflects the inclusion of this part

WLM#18*Waveline circular single hole foot with aluminum necking$19.00Waveline display Circular single hole foot with aluminum necking
WLM#22L*Waveline double left feet with aluminum necking$37.00Waveline Double left feet with aluminum necking
WLM#22R*Waveline double right feet with aluminum necking$37.00Waveline Double right feet with aluminum necking
WLM#22E*Waveline single edge of the feet with aluminum necking$32.00Waveline Media Single Edge Foot
WLM#33*Waveline Circular double round foot$29.00Waveline Circular double round foot
WLM#23Necking length of aluminum alloy. Piece may be ordered seperately if lost from original foot ordered but is automatically included with the above feet.$5.00acc_wlm_23
WLM#262.36″ single U-shaped aluminum clamp$7.00Waveline small 2.36″ single U-shaped aluminum clamp
WLM#272.36″ double U-shaped aluminum clamp$14.00Waveline 2.36″ double U-shaped aluminum clamp
WLM#285.91″ double U-shaped aluminum clamp$26.00Waveline Medium 5.91″ double U-shaped aluminum clamp
WLM#295.91″ single U-shaped aluminum clamp$12.00Waveline medium 5.91″ single U-shaped aluminum clamp
WLM#309.84″ double U-shaped aluminum clamp$32.00Waveline large 9.84″ double U-shaped aluminum clamp
WLM#319.84″ single U-shaped aluminum clamp$18.00Waveline large 9.84″ single U-shaped aluminum clamp
WLM#3219.69″ single U-shaped aluminum clamp$42.00Waveline large 9.84″ single U-shaped aluminum clamp
WLM#58Monitor mount with U shaped aluminum clamp. This mount can support up to a 21″ monitor.$95.00Waveline Monitor mount with U shaped aluminum clamp. This mount can support up to a 21″ monitor.
WLM#38Single plastic C clamp$6.00wlm38 waveline c clamp
WLM#25Double plastic C clamp$7.00Waveline Double plastic C clamp
LED LightsLED light kit for Waveline Media display (includes 2 lights)$150.00LED light kit for Waveline Media display (includes 2 lights)




BRANBrandcusi Counter with printed graphic. Includes soft molded case. Graphic template.$560.00Waveline brandcusi counter
PantoneCritical Pantone Matching on printed Waveline products. Price is per order.$45.00