Top 5 Things You Are Forgetting For Your Trade Show Display

It’s time for you to hit the trade show circuit and get back out there to promote your brand and products. There is a definite process, routine, and order when you prepare for trade shows and if you are a veteran, well then you’ve probably got it down.

But not so fast, you may be overlooking some vital points of preparation. I’m not talking about forgetting your trade show displays or banner stands or swag, not your tickets or room reservations and no, not your products.

I’m talking about the details, the little things that may seem unimportant or that go unnoticed but may have a big impact on your bottom line. I’m talking about the top 5 things you forget for your trade show.xpress connext 10x20 trade show display-resized-600

Goals Aren’t Just for Soccer

Set realistic goals and make sure you are able to measure your success. Tracking is the key, with the wide spread use of mobile apps and social networking sites you can easily keep track of your goals.

Are you trying to promote a new product or create buzz for a grand opening or trying to increase monthly sales? Clearly define your goals and implement the flexibility and ease of use of the new technology to keep track of the success of your specific goals.

What’s In a Name?

Review your visual presence including letterhead, business cards, packaging, ads, posters, flyers, signs, web graphics… everything with an image. Consistency should run through all of your trade show graphics and imaging; promoting the same tone, mood and emotion. This consistency will help make customers feel at ease with a recognized brand. Your name is part of your brand, part of your company and part of you, the part that customers identify with and should easily identify.

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Open Up

It is important to make the visitors to your trade show booth feel welcome and invited. Ditch that old “table in the front” layout and opt for a more open and flowing design and let the prospective clients enter your area, heck, invite them in.

Greeting people face-to-face without a barrier in between makes for an instant connection. As the potential customer enters “your world” most of the preliminary work is done and you can focus on meeting their needs and get to the details of what you have to offer.

Be Prepared 

Give yourself and your team plenty of time to prepare for the trade shows. As soon as one trade show is finished start planning for next year’s to keep the ball rolling and not be caught off guard. It may be beneficial to dedicate some resources to the planning of trade shows and trade show displays on a year-round basis. This is one thing your company has to get right, a lot of money and energy are riding on it so don’t ever think you are planning too early.

Looks Do Matter

Trade show booths are one giant advertisement and the impression it makes on a person will decide if they stay a person or become a customer. Keep your exhibition stand looking tidy and make sure it reflects the mission and attitude of your company. The message should be clear and people should be drawn to it. You know your clients and you also know who you want your clients to be, so make your booth inviting and attractive to those potential clients who could use your products or services.

Now you’re ready for the trade shows: ready to lock in some new clients and continue to impress your returning customers. So go get ‘em and have fun and keep smiling.

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