Three Trade Show Display Ideas You Don’t Want to Skip!

Designing a new trade show display can be a lengthy process, involving a lot of steps and weeks of effort. By the time you’ve completed that project, it’s easy to overlook the final touches; that’s unfortunate, because it could be like forgetting to put the icing on an otherwise magnificent cake!

Booth design typically starts with an online review of various trade show booth design ideas, looking at pictures of different booth structures, as well as seeing what you like and don’t like during the course of the trade shows you attend. Trade show booth designs incorporate different structures and accessories like shelves, counters, and lighting, depending on your requirements, but a LOT of the choice in selecting a booth display structure is subjective – what do you or YOUR CUSTOMER (persona’s, remember?) – like?ipadholders_ad4

Size matters, just like it does in football and basketball, and your exhibit design needs to fit your intended booth space. Many exhibitors vary the size, reserving larger spaces at the bigger shows, and smaller spaces for regional shows. If that is true for you, your display booth design plans should take that requirement into account – there are many solutions that include the capability to re-configure expo displays to fit different size spaces.

Once you’ve selected the display stand, take the time to design awesome graphics – a trade show display is primarily a tool to hold and display your graphics. Great graphics can make a boring structure look a lot better, but poorly designed or dull graphics will ruin what might otherwise be a terrific trade show booth design.

Finally, don’t stop there – you’re not quite done! Remember that 10x10 trade show booth with instep printed carpet strip graphicscake without the frosting; there are a few simple and relatively inexpensive options to consider for accessories that can help make sure your next show is a resounding success.

Three Trade Show Display Ideas You Don’t Want to Skip!

Printed Carpet Strips – All trade show booths require some carpet. Many exhibitors use rented carpet; this option saves the hassle and expense of shipping a large carpet roll to your shows. There are some lighter weight options, like foam backed carpet tiles, but sometimes the show provides carpet, or will rent it for a reasonable price. Custom printing on a large piece of carpet can be pretty expensive, but the look of your booth and the carpet can be upgraded significantly with a relatively inexpensive, small strip of printed carpet across the front of your booth space. If you produce a floor graphic that goes across the front of the booth, say 2’ x 10’, you achieve 90% of the impact of a custom printed carpet, at a fraction of the cost.

iPad Kiosks– The iPad Kiosk is a cost effective way to get technology into your booth space – almost everyone in your marketing department probably already has an iPad! Leverage your trade show booth presentations by using an iPad – or several. They can be used to control presentations on larger monitors, allow clients to sign up for contests or to receive follow ups and literature. It’s simplest to have a few signup stations for customers to use, but you don’t want to leave the iPad out unattended – so invest in a nice looking and inexpensive locking iPad kiosk or iPad counter!concierge_w pack special

The Concierge: Some booths forgo literature holders all together by placing literature on tables – the problem is that this quickly adds clutter to your sales area and is very difficult to keep organized. One of the most popular and successful ideas combines a visual display with the pocket that holds your pamphlets. Check out the Concierge; it combines signage and a literature holder, providing organized brochure holders and adding some signage to help you separate brochures aimed at different markets – one of these at opposite ends of  your booth space makes it easy for prospective clients to pick the brochure best for them.

Bottom line, don’t “throw out the baby with the bath water”! These three tips are proven and successful strategies for savvy trade show exhibitors. Don’t overlook simple finishing steps – review these and other simple and inexpensive accessories that can add great impact and leverage to your trade show display investment.

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