Tension Fabric Convention Displays: Backlighting, 3D Layers, and More!

When it comes to a convention display, it is incredibly important to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. There will be dozens, if not hundreds of other displays at the same show presenting information and competing for visitor attention. If your particular display isn’t appealing and different from the rest, it isn’t going to earn any visits.

And guess what? No matter how good your product or service might be, if nobody goes to your exhibition stand, nobody is going to find out about your product. The trade show booth is what helps to bring everyone to visit, and then your product, presentation, and sales team need to take over and keep your visitors intrigued. There are different kinds of displays a product manager can use, and although there isn’t one perfect solution for everyone, there are some great new tools that can make your convention displays much more appealing.

For starters, backlighting is very important when it comes to a presentation. Trade show lighting is often overlooked. However, lighting helps direct the attention of individuals watching the display. There is so much going on throughout the convention center, if a display does not direct the attention of the viewers and guests, something else will catch their attention instead.

With backlighting, a presentation can showcase exactly what needs to be on display, and let everything else fall to the background. Backlighting can really bring your display and information to life, making it stand out. This works best if there is a black background and not very much information going on around the backlit item. The more focused the backlight is on the item, with a distinct contrast and fewer distractions, the more focus the material with the backlight is going to achieve.

Backlighting works with a variety of graphic substrates, including tension fabric prints. Tension fabric is a thin, stretchy fabric that is printed with a full digital color dye sublimation process that produces high resolution, dynamic graphics. Tension fabric displays fold up small, and are very light-weight, making them very easy to travel around with. If there is a single presentation team that travels the country, it is important to not have large amounts of material to ship, in order to minimize any difficulties and chores while traveling. Tension fabric printing solves that problem, providing very light weight, professional looking graphics – and with backlit tension fabrics, your graphics can really “POP” and catch the eye!

Xpressions Fabric Pop Up Displays

Xpressions Fabric Pop Up Displays

Reconfigurable modular towers are now available – the Xpressions Connex pop up displays – and these work wonders with tension fabric. These new trade show pop up display towers are easy to install, add some “sexy” curves and unique shapes, and they set up in just a few minutes. By changing your booth configuration and a few of the graphic skins, you can always have a “new” look for your different shows, while using the same display frame.

3D layers are another tool that can be used with tension fabric graphics, and are another great way for showcasing different information in an exciting way. No matter what the information is about, the 3D look always attracts some extra attention, and is sure to bring interest from all over the convention.

It is all about standing out from the crowd at conventions, and if you leverage a reconfigurable pop up display, with tension fabric, and add some backlighting and maybe a 3D panel, you can achieve terrific success at your shows.

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