Taking Inventory before your Trade Show to save time & money

Recently a client shared a story from a past trade show that illustrates the importance of proper display maintenance before shipping materials to events.

500dollarpart-resized-600Case in point: My client was attending a large show and had not properly packed their display prior to shipping. During the setup proceedure they noticed that one part was missing. This part was an important item that allowed a kiosk monitor mount arm to be installed. As the client would be using their monitors heavily during the event, they began to panic. As no part could be found, and the setup deadline was quickly approaching, the client called show services to see if something might be available to solve their problem. Luckily, show services managed to construct the part necessary and they were able to use the kiosk as needed. However, the price tag for the part was a shock. $500.00 for a 5″ long steel bar with two bolts screwed into place! And, to add insult to injury, the client found the missing part, along with some extras, at the end of the show. They were tucked away in the wrong location inside a different case.

You should always take an inventory of your exhibit materials before shipping the case(s) to your show. Be sure all items are accounted for and in their correct location so you are prepared when it is time for event setup. It’s also a good practice to take your time when dismantling your display after a show has ended. Often this is the time that items get lost or misplaced as you are in a hurry to pack up and go home. Spending a few extra moments being sure everything is done properly will save you headaches down the road. Taking inventory before a show will help you avoid hidden costs in trade shows.

Many displays today come with very specific packing options. Our hybrid exhibit models such as the SatellitePerfect 10Magellan and Sacagawea kits each have foam jigged compartments inside the shipping cases for every single part. This method of packing makes it much easier for you to identify which part you need next during setup. It also allows you to be sure that everything is packed up properly at the end of the show. If a slot is empty, you still have a part somewhere on the floor.

Remember: packing your display properly and taking time to inventory the items before each shipment (either at your office or during take down at a show), can be just as important as the selection of your display itself.

However, if you neglect the importance of proper care for your display materials, you may find yourself in a situation where you are at the mercy of your event contractor.

Another method of avoiding such mishaps is to hire American Image Displays to store and maintain your display equipment. Our exhibit storage service includes full inventory on each display item prior to shipping to ensure all required elements arrive. We then take inventory again once your display equipment comes back from an event to ensure nothing is damaged or missing. Plus, we create your own personal company web site that outlines your display materials so you can review what you will need before an event. And every item can be reserved online through your own custom reservation form.

Contact us today to inquire about trade show exhibit storage services.

And always plan ahead!

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