Succeeding at a Trade Show: Standing Out From the Crowd at the Show

10ft Timberline display with shelves to help ensure Succeeding at a Trade Show

10ft Timberline display with product shelves

As a new business, you’re possibly preparing yourself to hit the road to do trade shows as a way to interest new business partners or customer leads. Succeeding at a trade show is paramount, and understanding the reality behind your competition is a good first step to helping you rise above their own marketing. Once you set up a booth at a trade show, you’ll need a way to stand out visually, as well as through your own personal actions.

Even though you’re new to this, success at a trade show isn’t something you should have to dread. While it does take strategy and help from experts, the first thing to remember is you’ll have intense competition both at the show and online.

With many trade show tools available now, you’ll never have a lack of choice in shaping your brand. However, it’s worth noting a lot of work comes before you even go to your trade show. In this regard, it means online marketing is one crucial element to never ignore.

Getting Word Out Early

Standing out from the crowd or succeeding at a trade show won’t happen by being lazy or missing opportunities. Never just attend a trade show without building some buzz first. No doubt you’ve already done some form of online marketing to attract potential leads. On your website, promote your upcoming trade show appearance and invite people to come see you.

A good way to start is to create conversation with potential leads on social media and have them vote on free swag you can hand out at the show. Or, promote your appearance on social media posts using memorable imagery (like on Instagram).

Attracting Interest Online and Offline

Never forget to promote your trade show appearances offline as well as online. You capture more people this way when you mix things up. It means using other web sources like creating a landing page, or advertising on industry blogs.

For the offline world, buying ads to go in industry publications brings just as much notice as marketing online. Plus, never forget that word-of-mouth at the show still works well when you have loyalists working for you.

Creating a Memorable Trade Show Booth

ML13 Hyperlite 10x20 Truss display with meeting room to help ensue Succeeding at a Trade Show

Hyperlite 10×20 Truss display with meeting room

Trade show marketing materials are vast and give you many customization options. This helps you put together a memorable look amid others who use overly standard designs.

You’re better off getting professional help with your trade show booth so you bring the best setups and technologies. Using a three-dimensional booth with touchscreen technology and interactive digital signage helps you rise above.

Regardless, don’t discount simpler items that use imagery to your best advantage. Things like banners, flags, and trade show carpets help you establish a personal identity through color and layout.

Creating Marketing Materials to Hand Out

While the overall look of your trade show booth is vastly important, don’t overlook printed marketing materials either. These need placement in prominent areas so someone can pick one up and take it with them for later perusal.

As much time as you spend with online marketing, the power of print marketing hasn’t waned. A good practice is to create a discussion table so you create face-to-face interactions. Placing marketing materials there helps inspire a visitor to take a brochure with them to read at home.

Product Demonstrations

Doing a product demonstration is a strong action for nurturing leads. Also, it’s something you can do both online and directly at the show. A product demo video posted on your site can get people excited about attending and seeing the product in person.

It’s true a product demo at trade shows is usually common. Still, it becomes more interesting when you’re surrounded by materials that visually align with your presentation.

Visit us at American Image Displays so we can provide trade show materials that help you find your best company image and ensure you are standing out from the crowd at your next show.

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