Spotlight: Part 2 of 3 – Trade Show Virtual Reality, AR, & MR

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In this program we will be covering trade show virtual reality and other technologies that impact industry event professionals over a series of articles. We will introduce and explain them, hold an interview with a major player in that project, and cover their potential specific applications for professionals in this industry. 

This series will be on new engagement technologies in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and a new but growing category, Mixed Reality.

Part 1: Introduction to VR, AR, and MR
Part 2: Interview with VR, AR, and MR on the impact of event marketing and future promises
Part 3: Specific Application, Current Resources, and Summary

virtual augmented mixed reality trade show interview blog

Part 2: Interview with VR, AR & MR

By: Michael Kelly - Partnerships, Alliances, & Customer Success Programs at American Image Displays 

For this Part 2 of the series, we were fortunate to hold an interview with the team at Helios Interactive on the current benefits and future promises for the evolution of event product marketing in greatly increasing opportunity for showcasing and building conversations while reducing time and money spent in the effort.

The Interview:

What are the big advantages of AR,VR+MR?

VR can establish presence for users, taking them to a completely different environment. You can put people behind the wheel of the car, or take them to remote location. The transportive effect is one of the greatest advantages of VR. For MR & AR, the advantage is continuing the conversation. The big drawback with VR is not being able to take external feedback from individual brand ambassadors and docents.

Where do you see this technology going?

Short term, AR can replace ship and setup. We are seeing this already with companies not having ship out something like an elevator, that can be thousands of pounds. They can leave that at home and still be able to show clients with technology that gets great return and scales well.

virtual augmented mixed reality trade show interview blog

After the show your salespeople can use the same technology to sell the 10 ton truck that you used on the show floor.

But we see this actually turning into virtual exhibits and trade shows themselves. Soon you won't have to go out to Detroit for an auto show, you will be able to experience the entire thing virtually.

Do you see this more as a draw, like 'trade show tinsel', or to remove logistics/time cost considerations?

That is a good way to put it. At the moment, we see it being a huge asset as a novelty. People want to try it to bring in booth traffic, something effective to get people to cross the threshhold.

What do you think will be the most prevalent use of the technology?

We see MR & AR leapfrogging VR. AR is going to be at your side in events, since it is already in your pocket.

virtual reality interview blog

What should companies looking to implement the technologies ask themselves?

Start with Why? What is the purpose? Are you using this as a novelty or is there a better purpose?

Next, What am I trying to achieve? That will help push you in the right direction to choose whether VR, AR or MR is the right approach.

What are the emotions that I am trying to evoke? I know all of these are questions you want to ask when doing any exhibit but they are especially important when looking at using these technologies for your events.

Finally, What are the intended takeaways?

virtual augmented mixed reality trade show interview blog
virtual augmented mixed reality trade show interview blog

What are the ideal markets that would use or you see using your this technology at trade shows and industry events?

We have seen it cross a huge stretch of industries, from biotech, finance, automotive, CPG, and more. There are not really industries we have seen we cannot work with. But if you have to pick a few, sports and retail would probably be my picks. Both are very concerned about getting people out of the homes because more and more of the experience from the home is difficult to compete with. We have been very successful creating compelling content to create fun + engaging experiences.

Also, conferences are a big opportunity, because conferences can be dry and these technologies represent a powerful way to tell a story or build a brand within them.

Interview courtesy of Mike Schaiman
Managing Director
Helios Interactive

Helios specializes in building engaging, interactive experiences for consumers in the events and retail channels. We use a variety of technologies to achieve our goals, including touch, gesture, augmented reality, and virtual reality. We create better brand interactions results in thoughtful design, effective social sharing, and meaningful data collection. This focus helps us meet our clients goals, both now and in the future.

Thanks for your time, Mike!

helios ar vr mr interview trade show blog

Next issue: Part 3: Specific Application, Current Resources, and Summary

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