Save Money and Hassles with Pop Up Trade Show Displays

We’ve talked about them in the past, but they work so well i thought I’d revisit the ever popular style of pop up trade show displays.xpressions led light boxes - perfect pop up trade show displays

Pop up displays are a breath of fresh air to trade show exhibitors who have struggled with costly and cumbersome trade show materials in the past. The popularity of pop up displays among trade show exhibitors stems from their portability, ease of assembly, light weight, and versatility. Most important, pop up displays for trade show are cost-effective and can be quickly assembled by one person. Below is a summary of the key advantages of pop up displays.

The Hallmark of Pop Up Displays 

The cornerstone of pop up trade show displays is their accordion-expansion type of frame. Their accordion style frame enables pop up displays to quickly expand into a large fabric backdrop for your trade show booth. At the end of the trade show, pop up displays easily collapse and fit into a lightweight carrying case or durable pelican case.

Rising Exhibitor Costs Create a Welcome Opportunity for Pop Up Displays

Trade show costs are rising for exhibitors every year. Air Fare, hotel expenses, and exhibitor fees can sometimes increase by as much as 20% from one year to the next. And by the time exhibitors pay for carpeting, booth electricity, a lead retrieval device, and advertising, it is not uncommon for a company to spend well over $5,000 on a small in-line booth space reservation, before a trade show even begins. Clearly, there is a need for cost-effective pop up displays.

How the Compact, Lightweight Design of Pop Up Displays Save Exhibitors Money 

The lightweight, compact design of pop up trade show displays is not just about convenience for exhibitors. Many people do not realize that pop up displays help exhibitors save money in the following ways:

  • Assembly is simple, even for one person, eliminating set up crew costs
  • The lightweight construction of pop up displays reduce shipping costs and show drayage fees
  • Disassembly is quick and easy, allowing employees to return to the office faster
  • One frame can display multiple graphic options, reducing the need to buy more displays

Between reduced labor costs, lower shipping expenses, and less time out of the office for employees, the advantages offered by pop up displays have contributed to their growing popularity among cost-conscious companies.

Strength and Height Not Required for Assembly 

One of the greatest advantages of pop up displays is their ease of assembly. In contrast to heavier, more elaborate and complicated displays, pop up displays can be assembled in a matter of minutes by one person with minimal strength. This eliminates the need to enlist the help of additional staff or paid laborers to set up the display.

NEXT 10ft with SmallWall

Next! combines SEG graphics into a Pop up trade show display frame

Breakdown is just as easy. If you’ve selected a pop up display with a case that converts to a counter at the show, then your disassembly can be completed while neighboring exhibitors are still waiting for show services to bring them their empty shipping containers for their displays.

This quick assembly and disassembly process means that your employees will waste less time on trade show setup and takedown and more time on new business development.

The Versatility of Pop Up Displays Allows Use by Multiple Departments 

Many companies have multiple departments or divisions which each engage in different types of trade shows. For instance, some medical device companies sell equipment that is designed for use with human patients and animals. Because animal health trade shows are typically separate from trade shows that focus on medical devices for humans, device companies may wish to have trade show displays that are customized to show their compatibility with each market.

Pop up trade show displays make it easy for companies to save money by investing in one frame and multiple graphic displays that are customized to advertise products for each company division.

We invite you to contact us or visit our showroom in Redmond, Washington if you would like to learn more about the advantages of pop up trade show displays. Our team of specialists has the industry expertise to guide you in your selection of trade show materials. We look forward to hearing from you!