12 ft 5×3 Flat VBurst Pop Up Display Frame

The 12ft 5x3 flat Vburst is a bigger than normal frame size, designed to be used in 15ft booths, or combined with smaller frames to create custom pop up booth configurations for larger trade show booth sizes.

Like all of the VBurst products, the 12ft 5x3 flat Vburst uses an aerospace grade aluminum frame that comes with a lifetime - no questions asked - warranty.

The 12ft 5x3 flat Vburst graphic is a 4k dye sub print, and can be machine washed if it gets soiled. Combined with its frame, it sets up in less than 2 minutes and creates a tremendous impact for your brand.

The 12ft 5x3 flat Vburst is the largest of the VBurst frame sizes, and combines with any of the smaller frames to create many novel looks in 20ft or wider booths.

The 12ft 5x3 flat Vburst can be used with external lighting and can be packed into a rolling hard case.

The 12ft 5x3 flat Vburst kit includes:

  • SEG silicone edge dye sub printed fabric graphics.
  • Simple Assembly: No tools are required at all for assembling The Vburst 3x3 Popup Display kit. It's that easy.
  • A manufacturer's lifetime warranty applies to the frame.

A hard shipping case is available as an option to help protect your investment no matter where you take it.

And, if you want your case to work as your counter at the show, there is also an optional graphic wrap for this shipping case.

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The 12ft 5x3 flat Vburst Display Features:

Graphic Width w/no end caps: 145.5”, W/end caps: 169.5”

Graphic Height: 87.75”

Collapsed dimensions:  32”h x 12”w x 18”d

Assembled Dimensions:  88”h x 145.5”w x 12”d

Display Size: 15' Inline

Approximate Shipping Weight: 40 lbs
Ships in 4 days, from MO.

Note - the 12ft 5x3 flat Vburst is not available with internal backlighting. If you need a backlit Vburst pop up booth, please browse the smaller frame size choices.

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VBurst Soft Carry bag included with frame purchase
12ft Vburst with no end caps


12ft 5x3 flat Vburst Frame, Graphic WITH Endcaps, Carry bag - $2,536

12ft 5x3 flat Vburst Frame, Graphic with No Endcaps, Carry bag - $2,276

Replacement Carry bag - $80

Replacement Frame - $703

Replacement Graphic w/NO Endcaps - $1573

Replacement Graphic WITH Endcaps - $1833

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Vburst Kit Accessories
Made in USA
Product includes carry bag or shipping case
Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty
Graphics 1 Yr Warranty

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