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NEXT! Custom C 20ft x 30ft Display

The NEXT! Display is truly one of a kind, bringing stunning beauty that requires no tools and sets up incredibly fast for it's size! Combine the upmarket, hard panel looks of custom silicone-edge graphic extrusion systems with the immense versatility and it's no wonder that you've got yourself one of the absolute best displays on the market.

This display frame is similar to the Embrace in it's unique modularity. You can place NEXT! frames side by side, connect them, and have a single connected frame display with SEG fabric graphics covering everything.

The standard frame is available with or without endcaps and a back graphic.

Turnaround:​ Ships in 4 days from Missouri

Weight - 243lbs

Graphic Style: Silicone Edge​

Display Dims:​ 360"w x 240"d x 180"h


  • Frames
  • Graphics
  • Carry Bags

The NEXT! has an optional, wrapped counter that will create a seamless look from your display to your surface for laptops, coffee, and engaging your audience.

This counter comes with a frame, graphics, and a soft carry bag. It sets up in less than 5 minutes and will be sure to draw attention with it's unique look while doing well to add dimension to your event space.

The NEXT! also has a a fair amount of extra accessories available, including 2 different types of lights to illuminate your display and hard cases to upgrade from a soft bag and protect your investment. 

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