Monthly Sale

Scoop up some savings!

For the entire month of June, you have the opportunity to save up to 20% on your entire back wall setup!

Sometimes one is simply not enough. Whether you're looking to make an great impact at an upcoming event using a large exhibit, or simply trying to bolster your arsenal of designs, now is a great time to save a lot of money by consolidating your purchases.
This sale applies a 5% discount to all 10ft back wall displays and gives you the option to receive an additional 5% off for every successive 10ft purchased - up to 20% total. The back walls can be mixed and matched however you'd like as long as they are purchased at the same time. This discount only applies to the back wall section of the purchase.

  • 5% off 10ft of back wall display
  • 10% off 20ft of back wall display
  • 15% off 30ft of back wall display
  • 20% off 40ft of back wall display