Modular Trade Show Displays are a Snap!

Trade show displays are a smart way to make a good impression on those precious, pre-qualified customers only a trade show brings. In the old days of trade shows, salesmen would stay up late into the night to set up the booth. Booth assembly might have involved saws, lumber and nails and maybe even some electrical work, blood, bandages and curse words. The next day, the sales person would arrive exhausted, cranky, possibly wounded, and in no mood to chat up customers.magellan portable hybrid display with tension fabric graphics

Worse yet, old-fashioned trade show displays lacked the appeal and professionalism today’s marketing tools posses.  After all, great trade show display designs usually come from marketing geniuses, not carpenters.

The primary goal of trade shows has not changed – to meet new clients. Trade show displays attract potential customers to your booth, where you can then engage qualified clients in conversation before handing them promotional products or coupons.

Fortunately, trade show displays have changed. Today’s trade show displays are easier to set up and are more appealing, enhancing your customer’s first impression when she approaches your professional-looking booth. She may even notice how relaxed and well-rested you look, as if it setting up a trade show display was a snap.

Trade show displays do not have to be elaborate or time-consuming to be effective.  Start with modular displays to make quick and professional looking booths, banner walls, computer stations and counter space. Most of the latest exhibit designs take advantage of stretch fabric dye sublimation printing – fabric graphics are lightweight,easy to care for and change-out, yet feature very high quality prints, with great color and saturation.

Table top displays are streamlined, presenting information on a small surface in a visually exciting way. Superior table top displays double as self-contained briefcases; open the briefcase, place it on the table and you are ready to interact with new clients. Banner stands are a unique way to capture the public’s attention. Retractable pull-up banner stands, telescoping and pole pocket banner stands are fast and easy to assemble.

Keep it easy with portable trade show displays that are easy to put together without tools. Don’t waste valuable time and energy setting up your trade show display – save your strength for witty and engaging conversations with your new customers.

Every component of your trade show displays should focus on the main goal of attracting qualified customers to your table so that you can further engage them in conversation. Back-lit displays are visually appealing, drawing attention to displays and brightening the colors of your trade show displays. Position pop-up displays and custom kiosks on the sides, in a way that pulls customers close enough to tell them exactly why your product or service is the perfect solution for their exact needs.
Focus your trade show displays on your target audience. Don’t make visitors sift through a mountain of information that does not interest them. Trade show displays with a narrow focus tell potential customers that no one understands their needs and desires like you. Research shows the human brain grows confused and fatigued when presented with too much information. The brain does not like being in this state and may “turn off” before the potential client even reaches your table. Worse yet, your would-be customer may turn and head in a more pleasant direction – away from your table.

Interact with the people immediately around you in a professional way. Smile and engage with individuals; take your time to converse with potential customers. Avoid the temptation to stand at the back of your booth and let your trade show displays do the work for you. Trade show displays are meant to enhance your image, not take your place as sales leader.

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