Learning from an Unsuccessful Trade Show

Has your trade show display ever been completely ignored? Did custom ecofriendly 10x10 trade show booth with overhead hanging banner, storage closet, product shelves and backlit display caseyour last trade show booth attract fewer customers than you had hoped? Sometimes exhibitors have unsuccessful shows, but there’s always something valuable to learn from them. Today we will consider why poor visuals and wayward staffers can easily contribute to a mediocre expo experience, and what to learn so that you can achieve better results at your next event.

Trade Show Booth Design

The point of exhibiting at a trade show is to promote a product or business, and an ineffective display won’t accomplish that. Look at your exhibit design objectively – is it overrun with images? If a display is too cluttered with pictures or text, then customers won’t understand your product.

On the other hand, perhaps there aren’t enough images showcasing your merchandise, or text explaining your products. The proper balance of clarity and readability is crucial to an effective trade show booth design.

Remember, potential customers will decide whether to stop at your trade show booth displays, or keep walking, almost entirely based on what they see. Usually they make that decision in about 3 seconds!

Anything from poor color choices, too many words on signs, inadequate lighting, or even font size could get in the way of connecting with a buyer. Still unsure of what’s going wrong? Talk to a professional, personal shopper – we can help revamp your look – contact us anytime.

The Right People for the Right Show

Maybe your trade show display is designed perfectly and you still had a lousy expo outcome. In that case, you might want to examine the people manning your station. Ask yourself the following questions:

· Were staffers chosen based on competency or availability?

· Are staffers trained and capable to work with crowds?

· Are they friendly?

· Can your staff handle the stresses of an expo while also engaging and interacting with potential customers?

While it can be difficult to find and train someone to work your expo displays effectively, it is essential for a show’s success. Booth staffers are the face of your product, and once you’ve managed to attract a potential buyer, it is important to make a good first impression – and you only get one chance to make a good first impression!Expand-PodiumCase-XL-ani

Be sure you have competent and savvy staff. An introverted, quiet and anxious staffer who avoids eye contact and hides behind the desk is not the right person for a trade show booth.

Another possibility is that you have the right person working your display stand, but he or she isn’t properly trained. If that is the case, take the time to prepare staff for the job – your trade show performance is counting on it!

A lackluster show hurts, but if it happens, suck it up and be sure to use it as a teachable moment, so that you turn those weaknesses into strengths before your next show!

You can also learn from going to the wrong trade show and avoid the deadliest trade show mistakes.

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