Is It Time for Replacement Panels for Your Trade Show Booth?

There will come a time when you need to replace your old panels, but since the best advice says to reuse them as much as possible, how do you know the best time for replacement panels for your trade show booth?

Using professional, high-quality panels in your show display is paramount for establishing yourself as an authoritative, trustworthy brand. Of course, those panels require a financial investment but good graphic panels are built to last. Many show-booth exhibitors have learned that creatively re-using your display can give you save your hard-earned money and still benefit from the professional display these panels provide. 

We’ve compiled the most important reasons to replace your display to continue to promote your business in the most professional, aesthetically pleasing ways.

Is it time for replacement panels

Do You Have New Products to Promote?

If you have new products that need to be easily promoted, it may be the perfect opportunity to update your trade show booth panels. The opportunity you have to grab the attention of passersby is limited, and if your brand-new product isn’t prominently displayed (or old, outdated products are), then you are losing a valuable opportunity for eye-catching advertisement. 

Remember, you are not only competing against other trade show booths in your immediate vicinity, but you are also competing against unseen factors that drive customers to particular actions. 

You may only have a few seconds to make a customer interested, but if the first thing they see is old, tired products with which they are already familiar, you may never have a chance to pitch something exciting and new. 

Do You Need to Update Your Branding?

If the only time you’ve bought graphic panels was when you first set up your trade booth, then it is time to consider whether your branding is correctly reflected in your panel display. Having spent time developing your business, you should have a better idea of what the brand voice of your business is, or you may have access to more professional-looking graphic design. 

Customers are going to make a snap judgment based on how your trade show booth is designed. A booth with amateur, sloppy graphics is going to turn business-minded clients away. On the other hand, a sharp, professional graphic could be what your business needs to help clients view you favorably in the few short seconds you have to grab their attention and establish yourself as a trustworthy business. 

If you have never considered a professional overhaul of your branding, it is time for replacement panels for your trade show booth. 

Are Your Panels Visibly Worn or Damaged?

Replacing panels that are visibly worn or damaged should be an easy consideration for deciding whether or not to purchase replacement panels for your trade show booth. Worn or damaged panels are a quick turn-off to customers since it implies so many negative attributes. 

For example, a customer could see damaged display panels and think your business isn’t focused on quality control. They could interpret worn panels as a sign that you don’t have the money for essential upkeep, or don’t care to follow through with image branding. 

Customers may assume a lack of work ethic or laziness on your part if they see damaged panels, which will translate poorly when you try to prove the quality of your product or service. 

As soon as you notice panels that are visibly worn or damaged, you should move immediately to get replacement panels for your trade show booth. It’s too important to your business image and branding to have anything but a pristine, cared-for image at your booth. 

Has Your Budget Increased Since You Last Bought Panels?

Your business likely has grown since the last time you invested in panels, and you may find that your budget allows you to pursue different styles or sizes than you were able to when you first opened your trade show booth. 

Even if the panels you have are in good working order, if your budget allows for more effective advertising, then you should consider buying replacement panels. It might even be time for dynamic backlit panels or another innovative design solution.

You may not even need to “replace” your panels, but simply buy new panels to complement your existing booth set up. If you started with a table-top display, it may be time to invest in a large panel display that can hang behind your or in front of your table. 

Remember, you are facing a constant battle to grab customers’ attention in just a few moments. If your budget allows for a more prominent display of your product or services, then it will be a worthwhile investment to pursue replacement panels for your trade show booth. 

Have You Recently Changed Trade Booth Locations?

Running and promoting a business is taxing work, both mentally and physically. If you recently went through the process of changing booth locations, you might not have had the chance to consider revamping your advertising to better suit your new space. 

If you were in a small, cramped space before, but now find yourself with more room, investing in panel displays that take advantage of your new space is paramount to the effective promotion of your business. Large, empty spaces provide a poor aesthetic for potential customers passing by, but those spaces are also a lost opportunity to engage with those same customers more effectively. 

Likewise, if you have moved from a large space to a more compact space, you may find that your large, prominent displays no longer fit your booth. Switching to table displays may suit your needs better. After all, having oversized panels in a small space can look tacky and can be a turn-off. 

If you have invested in large displays but feel they no longer fit your space, rethink discarding them. Securely store extra pieces for safekeeping, as the opportunity to use them again will almost certainly pop up. 

While your time as a business owner is limited, it is still important to evaluate any new space you move into to ensure that the panel displays are an appropriate fit. If you find that they are too small or too large, replacement panels for your tradeshow booth should be at the top of your to-do list. 

Replacement Panels Takeaway

The person who can best analyze the needs of your business is, of course, you. Always take the time to ensure your display panels are an appropriate reflection of your brand image and voice, and that you are engaging customers in the best way possible.