In touch interactive


intouch-trade-show-tableNever before has there been such a comprehensive, all-in-one, digital information package designed specifically for trade show use. The inTouch™ offers everything you could ever hope for.

inTouch™ provides a customized, company branded, solution at a fraction of the cost of programmed apps. Increase ROI with detailed attendee contact information while offering an entertaining and engaging experience like no other. Add the excitement of social media integration to any exhibit space hassle free. And, extend your inTouch™ investment beyond the show floor with use in lobbies, conference rooms, corporate events and more!


Software tailored for the trade show space
• Apps work w/ state-of-the-art touchscreens
intouch-ipad-integration• Multi-touch, Multi-user, Multi-application

Rugged design and performance
• Stability of software and durable hardware
• Best-in-class performance and experience

Hardware & custom integrated solutions / Core products
• inTouch™ Interactive Tables
• inTouch™ Interactive Walls
• inTouch™ iPad® Application
• inTouch™ Kiosks

Installation and product training
• 350 field installed & operating systems

On-going support & Data Analytics
• 24/7 remote monitoring
• Dashboard reports on identified metrics



  • Toss Function – “Toss” image, PDF or video from table to media screen for viewing with larger audience
  • intouch-counterLarge Format, High Resolution Display – 32″ & 46″ HD displays
  • Dynamic, Fluid Multi-touch – >20 touches simultaneously
  • Single, Two and Four User mode – 1, 2 or 4 users can access at the same time
  • Rotate View – display screen views can be rotated 180°
  • Suite of Applications – family of applications running on table to engage end clients
  • Technical Support – technical show and pre show support targeting 100% show success
  • Badge Scanning – Enhances session tracking functions. 80/20 Compatibility Ratio
  • Session Tracking, Qualified Lead Generation – support either manual entry or scan visitor badges for tracking table interaction and capture leads for sales follow up
  • Data Analytics Report – Report generated based upon Items viewed, touched, emailed etc.


  • Trend Analysis
  • Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly Reports
  • CRM Compatibility
  • Dashboard Examples
  • Table Activity
  • Total Number of Users
  • Products Viewed
  • Salesforce-Compatible .CSV Report
  • Dashboard Reports