Have you tried creating a Theme for your Trade Show Displays?

When you’re planning your future trade show suppliesit makes sense to look ahead and try to plan on how to make each Waveline or exhibition display a little distinct. If you put on a lot of displays, you may want to vary them up somewhat so that repeat visitors don’t feel like they’ve already seen what you have to offer.

One easy way of doing this is to work a seasonal theme into your trade show display tables and booth. Whatever time of year a trade show is held, there have to be events associated with that time which you could incorporate. Perhaps it’s a holiday, such as Christmas. Or maybe it’s a major sports event, like the Superbowl. Or it could even be a local festival, specific to your region, or to the location the trade show is being held at.

However, seasonal theming can also backfire, so it’s important to decide whether this is an approach you want to take with your trade show exhibits and banner stands. Here are a few elements to consider:

Creating a Seasonal Theme For Your Trade Show Displays

Check the fit.

The first and most obvious question when looking at seasonal theming is, “Does it fit with my product or brand?” The biggest danger from using a seasonal theme is that it will come off as silly, or gimmicky, if it doesn’t seem well-connected to your product. Trying to use a summer theme on your exhibit banners while featuring snow-blowers, for example, would probably not come off well unless you had a rather witty twist on it.

20ft popup display

Similarly, if you want your brand to have a truly coherent look \ graphics \ color scheme, your seasonal theming would probably be at least greatly reduced to avoid taking away from your branding strategy.

Link the message.

Another way to avoid having your seasonal theme look like it’s pandering is to make sure the theming is directly integrated into your overall message. It shouldn’t just be window-dressing on your banners and pop-up displays; it needs to seem relevant somehow. This should hopefully be a teensy bit more creative than the standard “Fall into Savings!” ads you see in the autumn.

One good tactic is to simply look for uses your product can have at that time of year, and showcase them on your exhibition displays as part of the seasonal theme. This can be great for multi-functional devices as well, in helping you narrow down which parts of the product to show off. Another successful tactic is to use a sports related theme – these are quite often associated with winning and success, as well as physical attributes like strength or speed – characteristics which can be related to many products if done correctly.

Consider the cost.

One downside to doing a seasonal theme with your Waveline or Xpressions trade show displays is that it can add cost to your budget, especially if you find yourself needing to order multiple custom new trade show banners or exhibition displays. Unless you have a huge trade show budget, you should shop trade show supplies carefully and attempt to minimize the extra outlay.

Look for pieces you’ll be able to re-use later on, rather than committing to one-time-only displays. Kiosks and exhibition displays which can be easily “re-skinned” are a good investment.

Be careful not to be offensive.

hering 20ft s curved popup

The last major element to consider in seasonal theming is in trying to make it as universally-appealing as possible. Consider the demographics of the trade show, and do a quick reality check to make sure you aren’t celebrating a holiday or other occasion that many participants would be disinterested in.

It’s unfortunate that some people get worked up about such things, but it’s something you have to watch for if seasonal or holiday theming is involved – again, sports related themes tend to be safe to use – people may like different teams, but are used to arguing amicably about sports!

Always Look to Stand Out

As always, getting noticed is the most important function of your exhibition displays. With some careful thought and consideration, using a seasonal theme can be a great way to do this, and it helps you seem current and relevant as well!

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