Getting Festive with Expo Displays

The holiday season is a great time for exhibitors to make their expo displays and even table top displays sparkle with simple additions to their otherwise standard setups. Below are a few easy ways to bring holiday cheer – as well as new customers – to your trade show display stands.

Scents Selltrade show christmas decorations

Cinnamon, pine cones, and even a hint of citrus can set a festive tone for seasonal displays and  increase revenue; a recent study completed by scientists at Washington State University shows that simple scents increased consumer purchases by twenty percent.[1]

Remember, less is best. A dusting of cinnamon or the smell of freshly squeezed orange will attract customers, but too much will send them running in the other direction. Keep in mind that you will be around the smell all day, so choose your scent wisely.

Color Coordination

Get into the holiday spirit by switching out the colors in your expo displays to complement the shades of the season. (For general color cues, see our December 2011 post here.) Traditional fall colors tend to include oranges, yellows, reds and browns. After Thanksgiving, consider greens, blues, whites and reds.

The colors you choose should always complement your display and your product. For example, when creating a fall display for a product in baby blue packaging, consider complementary shades like orange, lemon yellow and hunter green. That same item transitions into the winter season when paired with ice blue, gray or even a pop of magenta.

Music To Make The Season Bright

According to the research initiative MusicWorks, 79% of exhibitors agree that choosing the right music can increase the power and presence of their expo displays.[2] Still, resist the urge to play retro Christmas tunes – subtlety will be your best ally in this department. Choose music that will not overpower your trade show display or your auditory senses, and that will elevate the presence of your product. Attract customers to your exhibit booths with calm or uplifting holiday music, and steer clear of anything that’s too juvenile or tacky – save the Alvin and the Chipmunks’ rendition of “Silent Night” for the holiday party back at the office.

Let the joy of this time of year inspire you to get creative with your expo displays. Clever color, music and sound changes are easy ways to maintain a relevant seasonal presence for your exhibit.


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