Get more media coverage for your brand with these 4 proven tricks

No doubt your business has set ambitious goals for the year. Whether you want to grow your user base or net more sales, public relations can help.picture of a person with text - brand

PR gets respected media contacts to endorse your brand or tell your story to a large audience. Positive stories often trigger a huge surge in sales, Web traffic and social media followers.

Use these four public relations tricks to get more media coverage and all the good that comes with it.

1. Spot and capitalize on trends

To effectively pitch your brand, keep your finger on the pulse of the media world.

Consume news across different industries and outlets, everything from fashion mishaps to The New York Times. When you’re following the news closely, trends emerge. Better yet, you see how your brand fits into them.

Is there a new marketing tactic your brand has been using for years? A design trend your product encapsulates?

By capitalizing on a topic the media is already interested, you have their ear when you pitch your new, timely angle.

2. Work your way up the media chain

Of course, your business wants to grace the cover of Businessweek or the front page of The Washington Post.

The best way to get the attention of media giants is to start small. News stories often filter up the media chain: big media outlets read big blogs, which get their content ideas from smaller sites and blogs.

Spend your time targeting the right, small sites for your business, and focus on getting a story there. Then, work your way up the ladder to more prestigious media outlets with larger audiences.

3. Connect with media influencers

Identify your target demographic and the media outlets they trust. From there, connect with the influencers behind the news. Follow their brand and their own social accounts as well. Comment on their blog posts, share out their good news and engage in authentic conversations.

The more you show you’re invested in what they do, the more inclined they’ll be to return the favor. When you pitch them a story, at the least you can hope for a response.

4. Amplify news coverage

When you get a stellar story written about your brand, reciprocate by sharing it. Often, media outlets make their money on advertisements based on page views.

The more you share a story, the more page views it will get, and the writer or producer will surely take notice. Showcase the story on your website and your blog, and get your entire team to blast it out socially.

Sharing the story will make your media contact happy as a peach. Plus, you’ll be gaining brand awareness and exposure for your expo display in the process.