Finding New Trade Show Display Ideas

Trade shows and the required paraphernalia (typically the bare minimum includes exhibition display stands, pull up banners, a table throw, and some trade show carpet) are a rather unusual kind of marketing venture, because they can combine practically every kind of marketing on the planet. dm-0773_main-resized-600

Trade shows offer extremely robust and multi-purpose marketing ventures, and with good planning, you can achieve several goals at once simply by placing great looking exhibition display stands into the wild carnival atmosphere fostered by the big shows and the large convention centers.

It also means that when you’re looking for trade show display ideas, you don’t have to limit yourself solely to the realm of expos and other large gatherings. Nearly any other kind of marketing effort can be applied to your exhibition stands. You can find new trade show display ideas all around you, if you just take a look.

So, next time you’re out, keep your eyes open for some of these things and see if they give you some new trade show display ideas to try out the next time you’re at a show!

Unusual Sources For Trade Show Display Ideas

Other Convention Attendees

Rather than looking to your competition for trade show display ideas, why not turn to your market instead? When you’re wandering around the convention hall, talk to people and find out what they think of the show. Ask about which trade show booths they liked and, especially, if there was something they were looking for and couldn’t find. Giving people what they want is one of the surest ways to attract people to your exhibition display stands and ultimately, your products.

If you want to take this a step further, try…

Post-Show Surveys

A survey circulated among your own visitors, or among show attendees at large, can give you a wealth of new trade show display ideas. However, here’s the trick: don’t just focus on your own offerings. Improving them is great, but as we said above, look for things that people want that no one is bringing. There’s the real goldmine.panofade_wall20b_lg-resized-600

Grocery Stores

No, seriously. A grocery store can have a wealth of marketing and trade show display ideas for someone that is looking closely. Look at how their various standup displays and pop-out shelving features are designed to catch the eye and drag them to the products being sold. See how they use microcopy, often just a couple words, to inspire people to take action.

If you really want a distilled lesson, just look at the area around the checkout. Look at just how many messages are presented – from eyebrow-raising blurbs on the latest Cosmo to candy bar enticements – and how the store still sorts them so they remain distinct from each other. That sort of careful organization should give you new trade show display ideas just in its efficiency.


Billboards can give you great examples to follow if you’re looking for trade show display ideas that will help your large pull up banners and other large format printing meant to be seen from a long way off. Not to mention, the experience of walking along an aisle of trade show booths is pretty similar to driving along a highway filled with billboards.

Pay close attention to how billboards choose – usually – a single recognizable graphic and a very short piece of copy to grab people’s attention. Could you apply that to your own trade show banners and hanging signs?

In short, the inspiration for new trade show display ideas is all around you. Any time you’re involved in any sort of commercial venture, especially if it’s in a public place like a grocery store or a shopping mall, keep your eyes open. Look at the marketing going on around you, and dissect it in your head.

Once you see how other people are trying to attract your attention, you can take those same concepts and use them to fuel your own trade show display ideas!

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