Finding Inspiration For Your Expo Displays

One of the hardest things about creating a new set of expo displays and supplies every year (or every show) is simply coming up with a new design theme. You have to have a gimmick of some sort, but finding new twists is hard, show after show.

Granted, until you reach the big leagues, you aren’t going to be expected to have brand new graphics or a new trade show booth at every trade show. However, you still want to keep introducing new ideas just to keep things fresh. The fans and visitors will notice if you’re using the same themes show after show. You need to keep mixing things up!expo displays VK-1109_a (5)-resized-600

Finding inspiration is difficult for anyone, in any creative field. No one can describe the intuitive process that creates ideas, but we can give you a few tips for places to look when you need new ideas for future expo displays!

7 Lucky Tips For Coming Up With Great Ideas For New Trade Show Themes

  1. Listen to your visitors. Did you have any sort of post-show survey that you had trade show visitors fill out? Or did you at least keep track of comments made during the show? The perfect time to go rummaging through complaints and suggestions is when you’re looking to come up with a new redesign. Go back to whatever guest comments you have, and see if there’s anything there which would work. If you don’t have any guest comments, make a note to obtain some next show.
  2. Ask your visitors! Hey, don’t feel like you have to just passively look at data. Don’t forget about social media. Get out there and ask people what they’d like to see from you and from your company. If strong trends emerge, well, giving the people what they want is still generally a good route to success!
  3. Research your competition. One of the surest ways of getting ahead in business is to be what your competition isn’t. Look at the trade show displays fellow members of your industry have been putting up. Look for a common theme: maybe they’re all stuffy, or they’re too short on hard data, or they don’t use enough visuals. Whatever it is, improve on it! Take what they’re doing wrong, and make it one of the focuses of your next expo booth.
  4. Ponder the Big Picture. Where is your company going, anyway? Where does it stand today? What are the major short-term goals? If you lack direction, take a look at the windsock and see how well you’re aligned with your company’s broader vision. It could easily be that you can get all the theme you need just by looking at how your exposition display will bit into the larger strategy for the upcoming year. Push the narratives that will be pushed show counter-crescent-large-2
  5. Look for demographic crossovers. Start combing through some of the data you have your visitors and leads. Look for common sub-interests between different market groups. Very often, great displays begin by finding a single theme which truly appeals to different markets at once, even if it’s for different reasons as well. Data can suggest trends – from common lunch choices to common music preferences – which are perfect to be integrated into your next trade show booth.
  6. Check out the design blogs. Don’t forget that fashion plays a role in the exposition game as well – look to see what colors are “in” this year, and whether people are going to want lines or curves. Early reports are that “safe” colors are going to be popular, such as green and blue, to get away from the all-black-and-white themes that have been common in recent years. Just knowing little elements like this can suggest things to you: if you wanted to make blue-green a major color in your expo booth, what would it do?
  7. Find a story. Does your company have a story to tell? How have you changed over the last few years? Are there milestones you’ve reached as a firm which you think the public would find interesting and relate-able? Even as exposition booths these days need to be visitor-focused, you can still talk about yourself as well! Use your next booth to “humanize” your company and show folks more about the humans behind the enterprise. A compelling story waiting to be told will practically design your next booth for you!

If your company is serious about the trade show circuit, your next exposition booth should never be too far from your mind. Inspiration is all around you, and anything you see or hear – a snippet of news, or an overheard piece of customer conversation – can lead you to have a great idea for your next trade show displays!

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