Festive Trade Show Display Ideas

While we approach the holiday season, you may have been wondering about the best ways to commemorate the festivities without sacrificing the effectiveness of your trade show displays. It can be easy to just maintain your usual routine, but the best trade show booths around yours will recognize the holiday season and you might look like a Scrooge if you don’t acknowledge the holidays in some way.open book pop up display system

At the same time, you don’t want to go overboard and create an entire winter wonderland when it will detract from the entire purpose of attending a trade show. How do you pay tribute to the season without sacrificing the effectiveness of your trade show displays? Here are some booth design ideas to keep in mind for December:

  • Lights: Decorating your booth with holiday lights is not only good cheer, it is also effective trade show booth management. Those lights add to the appeal of your booth and attract customers. They remain inexpensive for the most part, and they contribute to your overall effect. Lights, as long as they aren’t too gaudy, are certainly acceptable additions to your trade show displays.
  • Hanging decorations: Don’t overdo it, but hanging icicles, ornaments, or snowflakes are certainly a way to add some fun to your trade show displays while keeping those visuals as the main focus of your presence at the trade show. They can also add some extra appeal to your overhangs and tables that will be entirely appropriate for the season.
  • Hats: Those Santa hats can make your customer representatives look like helpers or elves, but of course you want them to be appropriate. Consider whether their look matches the dress you require of your representatives. Another idea is to embroider them with your company insignia or logo so that your potential clients identify your product with the gifts they could be giving this holiday season. If the hats don’t match your formal dress requirements, you could also create a batch of Santa hats with your company logo as gifts to the clients who drop by. The advertisement is worth the cost, and customers will flock to you in order to get a piece of holiday cheer.open book pop up display system 2-resized-600
  • Bows: You can place bows around your trade show displays so that customers see your products as potential gifts. You may also place them in strategic locations so that your booth area looks like a place for holiday shopping. The bows add holiday spirit and advertise the products as excellent ideas for gifts.

When using these ideas, always consider how they fit in with your previous trade show displays and their original colors. Hats, bows, and lights can follow a number of color patterns; even those Santa hats are coming in all kinds of colors these days. You can also add a twist to your giveaways while you are at it; gingerbread cookies or candy canes are excellent gifts that don’t break your budget. Stay in the spirit of the season while enhancing the appeal of your trade show displays through holiday cheer!

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