February Sale


Right now, two displays are much better than one.  

Do you attend multiple shows, or prefer to have an array of options? Well, now you can capture the hearts of your audience and have double the impact at a fraction of the cost!

For a limited time, all 10ft backwall displays come with an offer to receive 30% off an additional 10ft display.

This sale can apply one time to a 20ft display, or even five times to a 100ft display -- there is no limit. Whether you're adding to your grand arsenal or trying to settle on your first purchase, this is a great opportunity for expansion.

You can pick-and-choose between different products as you see fit and the discount will simply apply to the less-expensive backwall in the pair. You can go with a reliable matching set, or opt for variety and get yourself a new one-two punch. 

Let us help you find the perfect pair.

This offer is for an additional 30% off of a second 10ft backwall display when two or more are purchased. These purchases must occur between February 1-28th and at the same time in order to receive the discount. You may choose your own combination of 10ft displays for the sale and the less-expensive half will receive the discount.

Active Sales

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