Fanboy Expo: The Complete Guide

Comic conventions are fantastic events that allow comic book and anime fans to gather under one roof and connect with their favorite creators, voice actors, and each other.

These conventions celebrate comic books and comic book culture. They also usually cover anime, cosplay, science fiction, film, and different entertainment genres.

The Fanboy Expo is a leading comic convention that serves the comic and entertainment industry. It allows visitors to bond over their shared interests, buy collectibles, attend Q&A panels, get autographs, and more.

Do you want to know more about this popular trade show? In this article, we will cover everything about this convention, including its history, features, and benefits of attending and exhibiting at the show.

We will also list accommodation options for your stay during the expo. Let’s dive in. 

What Is the Fanboy Expo?

What Is the Fanboy Expo?

The Fanboy Expo is one of the biggest and best comic and anime conventions in the US.

It is usually held five times every year in different cities like Knoxville in Tennessee, Columbus in Ohio, Las Vegas in Nevada, Orlando in Florida, and Indianapolis in Indiana.

The multi-city pop culture convention features top celebrity guests, comic industry pros, cosplayers, live entertainment, and more.

It also regularly hosts Q&A panels, autograph sessions, photo ops, and other fun activities visitors can enjoy. Visitors can buy exciting merchandise and food from hundreds of vendors here.

The show offers pop culture fans and geeks a wide gamut of incredible entertainment options. So, if you love all things comic and entertainment, you should not miss Fanboy Expo.

History of the Fanboy Expo

History of the Fanboy Expo

David Heynen, a producer at Media Investments Global LLC, started the Fanboy Expo in 2012. David was originally a sports and celebrity autograph collector who became an autograph dealer.

But when sports companies in the 1990s started heavily monetizing the industry, he started setting up his booths at a comic and science fiction expo called Adventure Con in Knoxville, Tennessee.

However, when this Knoxville show stopped running, he partnered with the promoter of that show to launch his own pop culture convention.

David founded the Fanboy Expo primarily to create smaller, more intimate convention experiences. He wanted to create a platform where pop culture fans could hang out in a relaxed setting and interact with their favorite idols from the worlds of comics, film, television, wrestling, cosplay, and more.

Over the years, the show has grown tremendously. Today, it draws crowds of tens of thousands from all over the country and the world.

The last big show was Fanboy Expo Orlando, held in Orlando, FL, from September 2 to 4, 2022, and the Orlando Expo Fanboy saw Billy Dee Williams, Dan Fogler, Sam Witwer, and other big names as celebrity guests.

The November show in Indianapolis is set to be even bigger and better. So, make sure you grab your fanboy expo tickets on the show’s website and get ready for a weekend of hobnobbing with the stars.

Who Is the Fanboy Expo For?

The Fanboy Expo caters to a diverse range of fans, geeks, and nerds. It covers entertainment genres like comic books, science fiction, cosplay, art, film, television, and wrestling. So, if you are interested in any of them, make sure you attend the show.

Why Should I Attend the Fanboy Expo?

Why Should I Attend the Fanboy Expo?

The Fanboy Expo is for all fans of comics, film, cosplay, art, and other entertainment genres. Attending this show offers visitors the following benefits:


The Fanboy Expo is a collector’s mecca convention that prides itself on having hundreds of vendors on its show floor. The exhibit space features vendors selling comic books, movies, posters, t-shirts, toys, statues, memorabilia, and more.

Avid collectors or those looking to buy gifts for their geeky friends can find a wide range of exciting collectibles here.

Q&A Sessions

The expo hosts Q&A sessions that allow fans to meet their favorite celebs and get to know them better.

These sessions are located in the Fanboy Theater and allow fans to ask celebrities their burning questions. They can also listen to some interesting anecdotes about the entertainment industry.

This year’s expo in November will feature Q&A panels with stars from Transformers, Avatar, Star Wars, and Dragonball Z.

Others in attendance at the panels include well-known personalities like Landon Mcdonald, Sean Chiplock, and Kevin Mcnally.

Celebrity Autographs

The Fanboy Expo allows fans to get autographs from their favorite celebrities at their respective tables for a fee. You may also ask them to sign your own items.

Some popular comic artists, comic writers, voice actors, and actors will make appearances at the upcoming expo as celebrity guests.

Top names include Keith Champagne, Dameon Clarke, Peter Cullen, Dave Foley, Jason David Frank, Olivia Hac, Frank Welker, Heather Thomas, Peter Kelamis, Jennie Kwan, and Cricket Leigh.

You can get more details about celebrity guests on the show’s website or its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Photo Ops

Do you want to snap pictures with your favorite stars at the convention? The expo’s photo ops sessions allow you to get professionally photographed pictures with celebrity guests.

You can also buy fan packages that allow you to get a picture and an autograph of your favorite celebrity.


Cosplay lovers can enjoy a gala time at the convention by dressing up as they please. You can dress up in store-bought costumes or even build your own from scratch and show off your cool props.

Just ensure you don’t bring any real weapons, as the expo organizers do not accept them.

You can also participate in the expo’s cosplay contest and win fabulous prizes.


The show has many stands where you can easily get snacks. You can also head to nearby restaurants for more options.

Kids’ Area

If you’re bringing your little one to the show, the organizers have set up a special kids’ area where you can spend time with them. Your kids can also indulge in fun activities like training with nerf guns and coloring on sheets.

Artist Alley

If you’re visiting the show to look at art or check out handmade items, the Artist Alley is perfect for you. Artists from all over the US present handicrafts you can view or buy. You’ll find jewelry, bows, paintings, and sculptures here.


The show continues even after the day ends. On the first night of the event, VIPs can enjoy access to special film screenings.

On the final night, visitors can head to the after-party and join other attendees for a night of fun and frolic. They can also watch live performances from music bands and hang out in a casual, laid-back setting.

Why Should I Exhibit at the Fanboy Expo?

Why Should I Exhibit at the Fanboy Expo?

The Fanboy Expo offers an excellent platform for exhibitors to grow their businesses in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Here are the key advantages of setting up a booth at this expo:

Sell Merchandise

The Fanboy Expo provides 74,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space at the expo center’s exposition hall. Businesses that sell collector’s items can exhibit their offerings here and increase their revenue.

They can showcase various products like comic books, movies, posters, toys, statues, t-shirts, and memorabilia.

Even comic artists, illustrators, writers, publishers, filmmakers, cosplayers, and other industry players can present their products and services at the convention.

Exhibitors can also choose from different kinds of booths as per their needs. The booths available at the show include inline, corner, and crafter or creator booths.

Artist Alley

The show offers artists a special area called Artist Alley to showcase their handcrafted items. They also get artist tables when they book space in the Artist Alley.

Artists from around the country gather here to sell paintings, sculptures, jewelry, bows, and other handicrafts.

Build Customer Relationships

The expo offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential customers and generate leads for your business. As a result, you will be able to establish a steady base of customers, which can then translate into long-term revenue.

You can also meet your existing clients at the show and entice them with attractive sales offers. This allows you to reconnect with customers who may have drifted apart and encourage them to buy more from you.

You can also hear their comments and feedback about your products and identify areas of improvement in your business.

A great trade show display and other effective marketing strategies will also help you attract more booth traffic. This will help you improve your brand visibility, sell more, and boost your earnings and profitability in the long run.

Networking Opportunities

The expo draws hordes of players from the comic and entertainment industry every year.

You can use this opportunity to network with other businesses from your industry and tie up with them for profitable partnerships.

You can sift and choose the best companies that align with your business goals and values and partner with them to achieve your desired success.

Moreover, you can learn from other leading vendors and grow your business skills and knowledge.

Buy Collectibles

Exhibitors can not only sell memorabilia but also buy them at the show. If you’ve been looking for a specific or rare collectible that you’d like to sell later for a profit, the expo provides an excellent platform to find them.

You can check out offerings from other vendors at the show, who may just have what you want.

Industry Research

Exhibitors can explore offerings from hundreds of other businesses at the expo. This helps them see and understand first-hand what customers love and don’t. 

This first-hand knowledge can help exhibitors create better, more relevant offerings with a greater chance of success.

It also helps them slash costs on conducting market research studies and developing products that don’t resonate with their target audience.

When and Where Is the Fanboy Expo?

When and Where Is the Fanboy Expo?

The Fanboy Expo Indianapolis Convention 2022 will be held this weekend, from Saturday, November 12, 2022, to Sunday, November 13, 2022.

The location for the two-day event is the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center, 1202 E 38th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205. You may buy daily or weekend general admission tickets to attend the show.

These tickets will give you access to the show floor, Q&A panels, and celebrity guest booths. You can also purchase Premium Weekend tickets or VIP tickets to access first-row seating.

Accommodation Guide

Accommodation Guide

The show organizers have tied up with Le Méridien Indianapolis as their host hotel. It is close to the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center and has a sky bridge connecting it directly to the venue.

So, attendees and exhibitors can easily go to and from the hotel and expo center without any inconvenience.

If you want other accommodation options near the event venue, here are our top recommendations:

  • Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Northwest Indianapolis
  • Old Northside Bed & Breakfast
  • Nestle Inn
  • Hotel Broad Ripple
  • Stone Soup Inn
  • The Looking Glass Inn
  • Cozy Studio Carriage House – Minutes from Downtown
  • Holiday Inn – Indianapolis Downtown
  • Courtyard by Marriott Indianapolis Downtown
  • Hampton Inn Indianapolis Hotel Downtown near Circle Center


The Fanboy Expo is an amazing pop culture convention that offers an excellent platform for fans to meet their favorite stars, click pictures with them, get their autographs, and enjoy live entertainment. 

It also helps vendors from the entertainment industry grow their businesses, connect with more customers and business partners, and sell more.

If you’re planning to head to this convention and showcase your merchandise, you’ll need to stock up on high-quality trade show materials that will set you apart from other exhibitors.

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