Exhibition Displays are found in the Best and the Worst Trade Shows

Done properly, investing in trade shows and exhibition displays has proven to provide a very good ROI. That investment can be significant, however, including the space rentals, drayage, and miscellaneous other show charges, as well as the cost of the display stands, trade show furniture, trade show carpet, and various other trade show supplies – and this list didn’t include travel and hotel costs!tension fabric trade show displays-resized-600

Clearly, picking the right show to attend is very important. Part of the process of choosing the correct show has to do with the focus of the show – who else is exhibiting, who is attending, any seminars or other training and networking opportunities, etc. Another consideration should relate to the venue of the show, as this will surely not only affect your travel costs, but it can also impact whether potential clients will want to attend.

To reiterate, whether a trade show is worth attending is based not only on the subject but also on the location of the show. Some of the most boring trade shows are made even more monotonous by a dull destination while interesting shows full of attractive trade show displays can double in appeal because they’re also held in an attractive location. I thought it would be interesting to look over some examples of the best and worst venues of 2012.

International Fly Tackle Dealer

On first hearing, the International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show may not sound incredibly exciting to those who are not fly fishing fanatics. The three day show will feature numerous exhibition displays filled with a variety of tackle and gear in the biggest international gathering of this kind.

What will help draw those who might be undecided as to whether or not they should set up their exhibition displays at this show has to be the show’s fantastic location in Lake Tahoe. Running from Thursday to Saturday in August, the International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show could make an ideal weekend break for fishing enthusiasts who want to try out their new gear after purchase, catch a good concert, or add a personal vacation week in a very nice location.


The NAMM Show is one of the most important in the music industry for all types of businesses, buyers and industry leaders. Exhibition displays are filled with instruments and gear and  even studio equipment. NAMM is held every year in Anaheim, California, a real center of business and music. It is also an ideal location for entertainment within the city, nearby Los Angeles and other destinations.

exhibition displays mackie 20x20 island-resized-600Maybe the most interesting feature of NAMM is the attendees. Every year, the trade show booths present newer ideas and the most up to date technologies while many of the old faces never change. The same long-haired rockers continue to drag along their girlfriends to stand in line for the annual heavy metal band autographs and try out the latest guitars.

Expo Security

One of the less interesting trade shows of 2012 has to be Expo Security. Display stands will be promoting security technology, control instruments, anti-theft protection and work clothes. Even for those who are highly concerned with the security of their homes and businesses, this show could become tedious pretty quickly.

To make matters worse, Expo Security will be held in Bucharest, Romania, at the end of September. This traditional Eastern European city provides little international business attraction- in fact, the Yahoo Travel guide describes the city as a “chaotic jumble of traffic-choked streets, ugly concrete apartment blocks and monumental but mostly unfinished communist developments”, surely a description that won’t help to draw visitors to this show!

Wood World

Wood working is a subject you have to fully understand and enjoy to really appreciate. While the general public may not be entranced by exhibition displays featuring machinery, tools and supplies to work all things wood, for professionals and hobbyists alike, this was the ideal place to learn new skills, seek advice and stock up on gadgets.

What makes this trade show notable, however, was its location. The 11th international exhibition was held in Cairo, Egypt – a top destination on most world traveler’s lists. The tourism opportunities here could have been the deciding factor for many wood working fanatics, although one wonders if the ongoing political demonstrations, which have sometimes turned violent, caused personal safety concerns that conflicted with the enormous cultural attractions to visiting this city.mq 10x10-resized-600

Show organizers understand the importance of show venues, and cities compete to host the best events. Other shows may go unnoticed, at least, until you note the location. For example, the annual Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Semiconductor Interfaces doesn’t sound like a big draw, but it might reasonably attract a few experts and businesses involved in electronics and components design.

However, when you realize that it is being held in January, in Waikaloa, HI, then it becomes an excellent opportunity to set up your exhibition displays and invite important customers and prospects to attend (tell them to tell their boss the name of the conference, not the location!). Mid-winter business meetings in Hawaii will create valuable shared memories with clients and important prospects.

So don’t get into a rut, attending the same trade shows just because you always have. This logic applies even more so to shows that change locations every year – depending on the venue, some years may be much better to attend than others. You may want to swap a standard show in a poor location to try out a new show in a more interesting venue. Investigate the other possibilities, looking for shows in unique venues – if you can use the venue as one more tool to attract clients to visit your exhibition displays, it will help make your marketing program more successful.

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