Eventbase Trade Show App

Trade shows are fantastic events for businesses to introduce new products and services to prospective buyers, boost brand awareness, generate marketing and sales leads, and strengthen relationships with existing customers. In the digital age, it is easier than ever to accomplish all of these and more.

With the advent of mobile event apps, more and more companies have begun to promote their offerings in the digital space. According to the “ROI of Event Apps” study conducted by Eventsforce in 2019, 57% of event organizers use event apps.

One of the most popular trade show apps on the market is Eventbase. It allows attendees to navigate trade shows using 3D maps and discover seminars and trading sessions based on their interests.

It also enables organizers and exhibitors to update event details on the go, access event analytics, and more.

If you wish to join the Eventbase bandwagon, let us tell you all about it, including its features, pros and cons, and how your company can benefit from its use.

What Is Eventbase Trade Show App?

What Is Eventbase Trade Show App?

Eventbase is one of the leading mobile event technology platforms available today. It is a corporate meeting app software; Eventbase is used by leading brands worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, SAP, and Charles Schwab. It provides different software solutions and apps, among which is its Trade Show App.

The Eventbase Trade Show App provides trade show attendees and exhibitors alike with a high-quality, seamless mobile experience. Trade show organizers can tailor the app experience to attendees with a high level of scalability and security.

The corporate meeting apps called Eventbase work as an engagement tool that combines digital user experiences with live activations. It allows businesses and organizers to highlight their offerings, web content, and more.

Its intuitive navigation, ease of use, and wide range of integrations, among many other features, have made it the leading mobile event app for over a decade.

Eventbase has consistently won the title of “Best Event App.” It has also pioneered new functionalities such as the Recommendation Engine, intelligent chatbot, and the use of beacon technology at trade shows and other events.

Eventbase is the preferred event technology for some of the biggest trade show events in the world, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which boasts over 170,000 attendees and almost 4,000 exhibitors.

Eventbase Trade Show App Features

Eventbase boasts a wide range of intelligent features that make it a leading tradeshow app in the events industry.

Seamless Integration of Event Technology

Seamless Integration of Event Technology

Eventbase allows vendors to integrate with its APIs, giving users the flexibility to customize a system if necessary. The app works closely with its partners to provide quick and reliable data synchronization and integrations for even the most complex and large-scale events.

Customized App Experience for Attendees

Eventbase allows companies to create an app experience entirely tailored to their specific audience. For example, organizers and exhibitors can provide a VIP networking section for their most important or high-profile guests. You can also create a game only for a chosen group of guests. There are specific versions of Eventbase for different niches, including sports event app software eventbase, conference app software eventbase, and mobile app for conferences eventbase.

The enterprise event app software Eventbase gives users the power to decide which app elements are visible to each group and gray out or even hide sessions.

3D Maps for Attendees

Eventbase helps attendees navigate through convention halls and exhibitor booths with the most powerful 3D maps on the market.

The trade show app has partnered with Heidelberg Mobile to offer 3D Deep Map™ technology that can cover thousands of square feet and multi-level buildings.

Its maps allow attendees to tap and navigate each booth and room and link to a detailed profile that enable easier navigation and greater ease of use.

Location-Based Messaging

Trade show organizers can access Eventbase’s location-based beacon technology to power mobile event apps. This helps them target attendees within the venue and send promotional messages with information about nearby exhibitor booths, upcoming product demos, and other relevant details.


With the Eventbase Trade Show App, organizers and exhibitors can increase traffic to their booths through event gamification. You can reward visitors for stopping by select sponsors or even all the exhibitors with game points and prizes.

Branded App Experience

Eventbase helps organizers create a visually engaging and easy-to-navigate app tailored to their brands. It does not overlook any aspect of the branded experience, including fonts, graphics, and icons.

Intelligent Event App

Intelligent Event App

Eventbase pioneered the events industry’s most intelligent chatbot that can answer even the most complex questions about an event. The multi award winning event manager also uses visually rich responses within the app to enhance the experience.

Eventbase also has an advanced Recommendation Engine that uses smart algorithms so attendees can discover event sessions based on their interests. It also provides connections to other attendees they may want to meet and network with.

Ease of App Management

The app’s self-service platform, Eventbase Manager, allows users to access real-time event analytics such as app logins and audience engagement without any technical expertise.

You can also easily update event details such as floor plans, session times, exhibitor names, and speaker bios on the go.

High-Value Promotion for Sponsors

The Eventbase platform gives sponsors access to highly visible promotional options within the trade show app. These options include fullscreen interstitials, location-based activations, rotating banner ads, and more to increase their event presence. It also allows users and their teams to update assets on the app at any time.

Standout Designs to Showcase Content

When you use Eventbase, you have many trade show promotion options. You can highlight relevant promotional content to attendees; for example, with custom splash screens, you can display product offerings, exhibitor activations, and web content when attendees open the app.

Eventbase also gives you the flexibility to showcase your creativity by designing and creating digital promotions and activations. You can blend them seamlessly with live event experiences using highlight banners, splash screens, and push notifications.

Customer Support

Customer Support

The app provides excellent customer support to all its users to avoid the stress of navigating new technology in the middle of a trade show.

It also offers additional support packages to help users design and build their event apps easily and conveniently. Users can also get all the onsite and 24/7 support they will need during their exhibits and shows.

High Level of Scalability and Security

The app complies with all data security needs of sophisticated enterprises, and it makes use of a world-class hosting facility to guarantee industry-leading performance.

It also allows users to host the app in a private cloud to run penetration and load testing. This is how Eventbase can easily be used to cater to large-scale global events with millions of attendees, even huge ones like the olympic games.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Eventbase Trade Show App

Advantages And Disadvantages of Eventbase Trade Show App

Advantages of Eventbase Trade Show App

The Eventbase Trade Show App has many advantages that make it the mobile event app of choice for top trade shows all over the world.

Here’s a list of its key benefits:

  • Seamless mobile apps for tradeshows
  • Intuitive app navigation
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Wide range of integrations
  • App experience can be tailored for attendees and brands
  • Users can change fonts, graphics, and icons
  • 3D maps to easily navigate trade show halls and booths
  • Preference-based seminar and networking suggestions
  • Real-time event updates
  • Real-time event analytics
  • Superior scalability and data security
  • Integration of digital user experiences with live activations
  • In-app digital marketing options
  • Exhibitor activations and web content
  • Rapid data synchronization for integration of event technology
  • VIP networking sections
  • Event gamification
  • Game creation and other personalization options for a select group of guests
  • Personalized app sections based on attendee segmentation
  • Location-based beacon technology targets specific attendees for promotional messaging
  • Intelligent Event App’s chatbot answers all questions about the event
  • Highly visible promotional options to increase event presence
  • Digital promotions and activations
  • High-end customer support
  • Additional support packages for designing and building event apps
  • Option for private cloud hosting

Disadvantages of Eventbase Trade Show App

The Eventbase Trade Show App has a few disadvantages that you should look into before partnering with its app for your next trade show.

  • The mobile app must be downloaded to access all trade show event features
  • No desktop version
  • First-time users may find it challenging to navigate the app while in an unfamiliar setting
  • Training is only provided through documentation
  • Limited language support
  • Few integrations with third-party apps


The Eventbase Trade Show App is perfect for trade show organizers, exhibitors, and attendees alike. The app makes planning, participating in, and attending trade show events a breeze every step of the way.

Its vast range of features and functionalities make it easy to understand why it is one of the leading mobile event apps on the market.