EFFECTIVE Exhibition Displays

How effective, or engaging are your exhibition displays? How much thought have you put into your booth design? An online dictionary site defines effectiveness as follows: the degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved. So again, ask yourself, how effective are your booth design ideas?VK-2101 Hybrid Trade Show Booth-resized-600

If you think that the effectiveness of your display stands doesn’t matter, think again. In most cases, before the show attendee even arrives at the venue, they already know what trade show booths they plan to visit. If your exhibition displays are not one of them, the best that you can hope for is that they are impressed enough with your booth design and trade show graphics to stop and take a look. If they do stop to inquire about the product or service(s) that you are advertising, be sure to seize that moment, as that will be your only window of opportunity to try to win them over.

Now, granted, there are those who attend trade shows just for the giveaways, in other words, the freebies. Keep in mind, that when you encounter these group of people, it is wise not to spend too much time trying to sell them on your product or service. So how can you tell if a person is one of these people? Usually, these people are the ones with many bags in their hands, and they will probably say something to the effect that they are just looking.

In some cases you may be able to convert a few of these people into customers. Know that your trade show display does play a vital role in whether or not an attendee stops to talk to you, and that selecting great trade show booth design ideas is critical to your success.

Other than the visit being pre-planned, some ways to lure show attendees to your booth are as follows:

1) Headline Graphics

Your trade show signs and banners should use wording that is simple, yet memorable. In other words, short and catchy.

2) Trade Show Display Size

Your exhibition displays should not be too large or too small. they should be large enough to be seen from across the trade show floor, but not so large that they are overbearing. Keep in mind the size of the booth space when selecting what size convention display that you want to use. In this situation…size really does matter.

3) Trade Show Graphics

Your trade show graphics should be bold, simple, and clear, not overstated. Don’t use too many words or pictures, or you will confuse viewers. Catch their attention, make them come ask you a question!

4) Colors.

Non clashing, bold, bright, vibrant, and inviting.

5) Give-aways

Just about everyone likes free stuff or swag. This is a good way to collect contact information from those who visit your trade show booth. Choose giveaways that are not too expensive but functional, so they will be taken home and used. And be sure your logo and phone number are on them!

6) Marketing Material

You should have plenty of colorful fliers and brochures available to hand out, for the attendees to pick up as they walk by your trade show banners and exhibition displays, which summarize the products or services that you are advertising. You don’t want this material to be too wordy, otherwise people may lose interest in reading the material.table top displays

7) Lively, knowledgeable, engaging staff

There’s nothing worse than walking past a trade show booth where the staff looks like they don’t want to be there, doesn’t look like they want to talk with you, or almost as bad, seem not very knowledgeable about the product or services that are being advertised. Make sure your staff is trained, ready and able to focus on and draw visitors in, qualify them, and capture information for follow-up.

When the show is over, the bottom line is…well, your company’s bottom line. Effective exhibition displays and an engaging knowledgeable staff will help to draw more visitors to yourtrade show booth, giving you the opportunity to add new customers to your database.

Engaging, appealing exhibition displays and good accessory trade show supplies have been proven to be an extremely effective and reliable way to market a company’s product or services to the general public. Increasing your customer database will almost always ultimately render positive results for your company’s bottom line. And, thats the goal, right, increasing your company’s sales and finding more prospects and leads?

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