Do I Really Need A Graphic Designer For My Event Flooring?

What might the services of a graphic designer provide to help a company get ready for a trade show? There is no doubt that they will come up with eye catching color combinations, expert art and memorable slogans. Their designs can be applied to any number of products such as banners, media displays, flags, magnets, wall panels, or virtually any feature of an exhibit that has a surface suitable for printing or adhesive application of a printed product. But event flooring? Oh yes, a graphic designer can brand your event flooring as well. And if you think it really doesn’t matter what goes on beneath your feet, you may change your mind once you hear what the experts at MIT have to say about the impact of logos on consumers.

Tricks of the Trade Show: Use a printed carpet strip on front of your event flooring to personalize your trade show booth!

Tricks of the Trade Show: Use a printed carpet strip in front to personalize your trade show booth!


In any market there is competition. Having a distinct logo that is easily recognizable sets a company apart from its competitors. This helps consumers remember you even when your logo is out of sight. It is the first identifier that comes to mind when a consumer is trying to remember who offered a product they saw yesterday or last week.


Every business desires the perfect world business relationship of customer loyalty. Research indicates that by having a logo, businesses experience more commitment and loyalty from their clients. Logos provide business relationship enhancement by having a positive impact on consumers. This is connected to the the differentiation factor. By being easier to recognize and remember, the consumer’s psyche becomes convinced that your brand has more benefits to offer. A logo may only be symbolic but its positive impact is powerful, very real and quite tangible.


Companies who incorporate the use of an effective logo consistently experience better performance in revenues and profits. Consulting the services of a graphics designer and purchasing event flooring using custom printed trade show carpet with a logo design is an investment that promises long term rewards.

Visual Connection

Humans are visual creatures. This can be seen throughout history with powerful figures always having a visual symbol of some sort associated with their power and relevance. From the standards of Roman emperors to the flags of nations and pirates, when these symbols are seen the viewer immediately connects to certain qualities associated with the image.


Considering, then, the strong visual connection, a company must realize the powerful communication device a logo is. A logo is an effective mechanism to communicate the characteristics of a company such as strength, reliability, creativity, or innovation. It also represents a company’s principles such as family values, eco-friendly, humanitarian, etc. A company that sells dog collars would not want to use an image of a treefrog in their logo. However, if a company offers rainforest sustainability programs, a treefrog may be perfect.

The Carpet Extension

Although it may seem that most visitors to an exhibit booth would not even notice the event flooring beneath their feet, the reality is that a custom carpet featuring a brand logo will most definitely have a memorable impact. Having a custom carpet is more than having visual reinforcement of your logo and brand. The carpet ties your entire exhibit space together which strengthens the impact of all your other marketing materials. Colors coalescence while visual images and graphics imprint on the memories of visitors.

A graphic designer is also important if you plan on advertising on your trade show flooring.

For more information on quality event flooring and carpet, consult with trade show experts or refer to our article on the best trade show flooring. Trade show flooring is available to meet a variety of needs from plush carpet to shock absorbing high-density foam tiles. Available in virtually every color of the rainbow, trade show flooring is an investment that pays for itself by the second event. A skilled graphics design team can create an effective marketing message to be used throughout all of your trade show products and displays for a memorable exhibit that will pay off with a lasting impression.