Digitally Printed Inkjet Banners on 13oz Scrim Vinyl

With Metal Grommets or Pole Pockets / Indoor or Outdoor

inkjetmachineFull color inkjet prints on smooth 13oz vinyl for use in any banner application. Trade shows, exhibits, indoor and outdoor events, retail promotions, garage or yard sale banners, or any location where a large graphic is required. Finish with metal grommets or pole pockets. Excellent image quality!

Inkjet Banners on 13oz Scrim Vinyl / Pricing

Height →
Width ↓1′2′3′4′5′6′7′8′9′10′15′20′25′

SIZES: If the graphic you require does not match an exact size shown on this chart, your price will be the next size up from the dimensions you wish to print. POLE POCKETS: If your banner requires pole pockets, please multiply the size of your required pocket by 2.5 and add that number to the height of your graphic; IE: if you require 2″ pole pockets, multiply 2 x 2.5 = 5. Add 5″ to the height of your banner equally (2.5″ top and 2.5″ bottom). Color: Pantone/color matching not guaranteed on vinyl banner graphics.