TV Stands for Trade Shows

Do You Need TV Stands for Trade Shows?

Maximization of booth space is the goal of virtually every trade show exhibitor. With exhibitor costs rising every year, it is paramount that exhibiting companies make the most effective use of every square inch of space when constructing their booths. Trade show tv stands are an eye-catching promotional tool when space is at a premium. Monitors allow you to showcase products and provide demonstrations that cannot be shown within the confines of a small trade show space. Below are some reasons why a trade show tv stand can be an effective addition to your trade show booth and some key factors to consider when choosing tv stands for trade shows.

When Should a Monitor be Used at an Expo?

Monitors are an excellent addition to virtually any trade show display. However, there are certain circumstances in which they are particularly useful. Below are five circumstances that warrant the addition of tv display stands for trade shows:

  1. To showcase a product demonstration that cannot be performed at the expo
  2. When featured products are too large to fit within the confines of the booth
  3. To feature products that involve hazardous or dangerous materials
  4. With products that have special environmental requirements
  5. To showcase a video of a product currently in use at a customer facility

Choosing the Most Appropriate Monitor Size for Your Trade Show Booth

After you decide to add a monitor and a trade show tv stand to your trade show booth, the next step is to choose which size monitor would best meet your needs. This decision should be based upon the following factors:

  • Your overall booth size
  • The amount of furniture and products that will be on display in the booth
  • Your trade show budget
  • Desire to reuse the monitor at future trade shows

Monitors are available in small tabletop sizes up to large models that are 60 inches or greater in size. Since the average trade show space is only 10 x 10 feet in size, most companies tend to invest in monitors that range from 20 to 40 inches. In addition to being affordable, monitors within this size range are easier to place on a display table or mount to a trade show monitor stand for easy viewing by attendees.

Selecting the Best Stand for Your Monitor

A trade show tv stand is an effective way to position your monitor in the way that best captures the attention of trade show attendees. When choosing tv stands for trade shows, you should make sure to select a stand that safely supports the weight and size of your monitor. Additionally, you should consider your setup resources and availability of tools to put the stand together. Some stands are more complex than others and take time and strength to put together. Below are some of the most common types of monitor stands:

  • Linear monitor stands (often combine graphics with a supportive stand)
  • Portable monitor stands and towers (often lightweight and easy to set up)
  • Unique workstation stands (combine shelves or counter space with a stand)
  • Basic stands with adjustable height (a simple, single post design)

In addition to considering the style of tv stands for trade shows and available resources, you should consider your trade show budget and shipping budget. Larger, more complicated stands are typically more costly and more expensive to ship, whereas portable styles can often be easily transported in one bag.

Seeking the Expertise of a Trade Show Industry Expert

We encourage you to contact us to learn how monitors can be a beneficial addition to your trade show booth. Our trade show experts can review the various monitor sizes and tv stands for trade shows in conjunction with your booth size and goals to help you choose the best trade show tv stand for your specific needs. We look forward to helping you maximize your booth space during your next trade show!