Designing the Best Retail Displays

Designing retail displays for store fronts, restaurants, and other businesses can be a daunting project, especially for first timers. But it doesn't have to be. After all, designing the best retail displays is something that thousands of these kinds of companies do every year.

It's not rocket science; sometimes just a good looking graphic backwall, appropriate lighting and some good color blending can work wonders.

The one thing you know is that you want to be successful. But what does that mean? You want to be noticed – remembered. And, you want to attract traffic.

And what is the best method you'll need to do that?

example of retail display products

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the quality of the display tools used for your retail display. What looks good at home or in the office may not translate to the retail store or even a showroom floor. Your neighbors may outshine you if you don't have the equipment to let your product or your department shine.

A little research will net great results if you know what to look for. If you are unable to browse store fronts, try to attend a few competitor trade shows, conferences or exhibitions, or at the very least, search them online to become a little familiar with the latest designs and innovations.

You don't want to mimic the competitors, but you do want to be aware of what they are doing, how they are presenting themselves, what types of equipment and displays they are using. After all, if you are competing with them, you are both after the same audience and both are offering solutions to the same problem.

Start by knowing what your display space size will be. Much like the trade show floor, a designing the best retail display requires focusing on the available space; add too much equipment, or squeeze in too large of a table or too many posters, and you'll find that you have suddenly boxed yourself in. Visitors will not be able to see your products or understand your presentation. So, keep it simple.

an example of a great retail display design

The best retail display designs will give you an opportunity to set up attractive visuals, brochures for your company, product displays and perhaps offer some retail product samples. They will do all this while acting as magnets for your clients eyes, pulling them in and enticing them with your solutions to their specific problems.

Of course you also need to make sure that your retail products are safe, will stay in place, remain attractive all day long, and is secure from hands that may seek to take it away or accidentally damage it. Things like jewelry need to be safely and securely displayed. Clothing and other such products need to be displayed with mirrors and enough room for customers to do a visual try-on if there are no changing facilities.

“Live” displays that have changing pictures need to be displayed so that they are aesthetically pleasing, not overbearing. Products that need to be operated for effectiveness need to be displayed so that they can be seen or heard from a few feet away from the booth - use them to attract attention, without being disruptive.

If you are creating a retail display for a seasonal product, especially one that changes every season or even every year, then you may want to investigate renting some or all of the display tools (because you may need different size displays the following season). However, if the same or similar products get displayed every year, then purchasing a modular display frame is an investment that will see profitable returns.

Retail Storefront Examples

Many storefronts have a tradition of building their own displays themselves. However, that is a trade-off that rarely makes sense. Instead of using shelves and counters from the local hardware store, consider using modular trade show displays that are designed with a simple and quick setup, and easy-to-change but great looking graphics. 

Off-the-counter trade show displays like our popup displays or tube and frame graphics offer slim, light weight frames and machine washable fabric graphics, and come with many accessories such as spot lights, counters, monitor mounts, and product display shelves. 

If you need heavier frames while designing the best retail displays, those are available too. Utilize modular structures like our MultiQuad systems, as well as our modular aluminum frame "hybrid" displays. And of course, truss display systems are also available if your products require the ultimate structural support. And all of these heavier duty framing systems still offer tool-less assembly, multiple accessories and great looking graphics, so that the framing systems blend together while allowing you to swap advertising messages quickly as needed. 

Visitors will be impressed by your striking collection. And you don't have to worry about being stuck with the same design. All of our retail displays started out as trade show displays, and most of the designs are modular, allowing you to reconfigure according to whatever product and size of retail space you have to work with.

The well designed accessory kits help you in designing the best retail display, by offering ways to display your products in non-intrusive ways that still add to the aesthetics of your storefront. Table top displays, trade show counters, tables, banners and chair covers enhance your overall design and complete your branding with a professional look.

It's important to do a little research and speak to professionals who have been in the business for a while. They can help you avoid some of the display design mistakes that are common, such as underestimating space, crowds and traffic flow.

Well designed retail displays don't need to be treated as one-off creations. Most retail display requirements can be solved or supplemented with proven tools frequently used in trade-shows. Unfortunately, the wrong display in your storefront can ruin a stores aesthetic appearance and have a negative effect on foot traffic. 

The flip side is that done correctly, with some help designing the best retail display, you'll stand out among the crowds and be the one everyone is clamoring to see.

When you're ready to create a successful plan, contact the professionals at American Image Display to discuss your needs and design the perfect retail display for your specific requirement.