SafeScreen Retractable Vaccine Barrier

Our team has designed a brand new type of divider that can actually help bring us together! The SafeScreen Barrier offers users a horizontally-retractable safety screen that provides cutting-edge versatility and convenience, perfect for use as a vaccine station with a rectangular, padded cut-out hole. Customize your screen to fit around an obstruction to easily perform patient and employee testing and vaccinations. All models are available with printed graphics on the transparent window surface.

SafeScreen is also available without the window for use in retail situation Learn more.

These barriers pack small, extend to customizable length of up to 80 inches, mount in almost any position, and come with 10 inches of vertical adjustment available. After placement, the SafeScreen simply slides out horizontally and attaches to the opposing hooks using clips. 

Window width, cutouts, graphics, and metal frame colors are all customizable!

  • Easy to retract, remove, and transport to a new location
  • Available in Clamp or Standing models
  • Display can be easily wiped down and disinfected quickly and completely
  • Turnaround: Varies

    Weight: ~45lbs


    • Retractable SafeScreen
    • Clamp System or Standing Base

    These barriers are available in 35.38" windows for either the clamp or standing model, but all models come with customizable widths up to 80"If you'd like to add printed branding, instructions, or other graphics on the surface of the window, our team would love to work with you on a custom design. 

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    This Vaccine Station standing model has aluminum feet
    that can be turned and removed if necessary.

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