Convention Displays Consider MultiQuad and Pole-Panel Displays for Your Exhibition

Convention displays should always be bigger for your exhibition area, especially when you’re in a larger venue with more competition and attendees. Your displays need to be real eye-catchers as well so you can attract people from the other side of the convention hall to check you out. This can be helped along with large convention displays we have available here atAmerican Image Displays.

Two of the best options are pole-panel displays and MultiQuad modular stands that come in a variety of formats to provide some style. They give you plenty of room to display the visuals you want to convey, plus the ability to change your visuals at the last minute.

Pole-Panel Displays

The reason pole-panel displays are so good is because they’re lightweight and easy to assemble quickly. No longer do you have to worry about setting up heavy equipment that requires several hours of time before the convention even begins. What makes these even more useful is the options they provide, particular in the shapes. In more basic models, you can get panels in triangular, zigzag, or inline patterns.

For those who want some enclosure to give visitors more immersion, you can get pole-panels in circular shapes. Inline slatwalls are also available here that can incorporate the look of a real wall in behind a provided workstation. We even offer an elaborate pole-panel conference room style to provide a private meeting area for your staff (when you’re discussing trade secrets).

Pole panels make it easy for standout graphics and are easily reversible when you want to change an image the same day. Custom lighting is available on the panels an added option if the lighting is overly dim at the convention you’re attending.

MultiQuad Modular Displays

These convention displays look like solid walls based on their thickness. However, they’re actually very portable, reasonably lightweight and easy to set up. They also provide an interesting new innovation: Four squares on each panel that allow you to interchange graphics thanks to hanging ability with magnets.

The fact that you can hang anything there doesn’t limit you to just using a graphic display. You can place an LCD monitor in one of the squares to show a video about your company. Fabrics, wood grains, or even shelving can be put there to give stylization to your display area.

With various angular variations available, you can choose how much enclosure you want around your exhibition. They’re perfect for when a last-minute change is needed and you have to alter the visuals, plus remove something because of technical issues or lack of response.

When you need to get attention at a large convention, these displays should be seriously considered and experimented with to help you form your brand.

Visit us here at American Image Displays to see how you can acquire these panels from us. Once you see how durable they are, we’ll also help you create the graphics to help you stand out from everyone else on the convention floor.