Case-to-Table Kits

We get it - a table isn't easy to ship and show services aren't giving you a teaspoon of sugar for free. Well, now you can have all of this in a convenient case-to-table kit that you can roll right onto the exhibit floor to engage your audience can be one of the most fundamental and easily-forgotten factor to your trade show setup. The case will hold most 10ft pop-up displays (the VBurst or Xpressions lines, for instance).

The case folds out to convert into a table and provides plenty of room for supplies and materials on top of the table, display area for products, and storage underneath the table, providing an extremely ergonomic platform on which you can engage your audience.

A handle and wheels make this case perfect for the travelling representative or the do-it-yourselfer, but any company that uses a table could save on shipping or rentals with these! Be sure to cover them in our beautiful, dye-sub tablethrows to embellish your brand while hiding storage.

  • Shipping Weight : 59.25 lbs
  • Product Weight : 59.25 lbs
  • Box Dimensions : 16 in (W) x 40 in (H) x 30 in (D)
  • AID new product discount sale 5%
    case to counter combination

    Case-to-Table Standard Kit
    $750 $650

    stretch table throw
    case to table

    Case-to-Table Standard Kit with Tablethrow
    $995 $895