Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in 2020: A Buying Guide

There has never been a time in recent history where automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and just general hygiene has been prioritized like now, with a particular focus on handwashing. It is indeed a trying time for humans all over the world. Thankfully, we have what it takes to help us tackle the challenges. 

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are one of the tools we can use to keep our business environments safe for ourselves, families, coworkers, and customers. While hand sanitizers are generally good for personal use, they are not ideal for public spaces such as retail shops and other business premises. Germs can still spread from one person to another when they have to manually dispense sanitizers from containers. 

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Automatic models remove the need for touching the dispensers, making it suitable for use in business locations. This article shares important buying considerations as well as a few excellent automatic model recommendations.

Buying Considerations 

As you probably already guessed, not all automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are created equally. Here are the important factors to consider before buying one. 


A dispenser’s performance is the single most important factor to consider when choosing a model. Consider buying one with infrared sensors if you want to enjoy maximum efficiency. The battery capacity can also affect an automatic dispenser’s performance, so ensure that you choose one with a strong battery capacity. You definitely don’t want to run out of battery power at the most ill-opportune time.

One other vital thing to look out for is a model with an eco-friendly design. As you help people keep their hands safe, you also want to encourage the production of products and consumables with less adverse impact on the environment. 

Ease of Operation

Although these dispensers have automatic dispensing, ensure that you choose one that doesn’t require a learning curve to use. It is best to opt for models with motion-detection technology. This makes for a hassle-free experience for all users. 

Keep an eye out for user-friendly buttons that allow for volume adjustment. This will prevent excessive dispensing and waste. To further prevent wastages, consider choosing a model with a wide-mouth container that makes it easy to refill without creating a mess and waste. 

Also, give some thought to how easy (or not) it is to mount the dispenser. An excellent buy would be a model that can be mounted easily. 


Most automatic dispensers are constructed using plastic and metal. Even though models constructed from either material can come in a wide range of stylish looks, it is important to choose one made from hard-wearing materials. Metal is generally more durable than plastic. However, the latter is naturally lightweight. If you choose to buy a plastic model, ensure that it is BPA-free and can resist spills. 


Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers come in various capacities, ranging from slightly above 23 oz. to over 150 oz. The best option for you will depend on your needs. Consider buying one of the larger capacity models for retail stores or locations with high traffic. It will save you the trouble of frequent refilling and possible wastages. On the other hand, a smaller capacity automatic dispenser will work well for low traffic areas. 


Although not of utmost importance, models with sleek designs add to your space's overall aesthetics, whether at the home, office, or retail store. Excellent performance might be the topmost consideration, but choosing an automatic dispenser with a compact design won’t hurt at all. After all, you want your walls to look catchy with these hygiene tools mounted on them.


Some automatic hand sanitizer dispensers come with added functionality, such as touchless temperature sensor, different signage options, even full color double sided graphics. As you search for the best solution for your application, evaluate whether you need any added features.


Arguably one of the best automatic hand sanitizer dispensers available, the Purell TFX Touch Free Dispensers offer true hands-free dispensing. There’s absolutely nothing to touch. They come with different container size options, typically starting at about 40 oz. 

As we noted previously in a previous article, Purell dispensers were so popular, and there was so much demand, that Purell was unable to keep up with demand during the beginning months of the pandemic. Like many other suppliers, we were forced to source alternative dispenses and sanitizer solutions for our clients. The generic dispensers we have on offer here are almost identical with the TFX dispensers except for the branding. They are also touch-less, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, and they can be used with almost any gel or spray sanitizer, including the Purell sanitizer replacement fluids. We've listed the top choices from these options below.

Top 4 Best Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

1. The Temp-Sani Stand

automatic hand sanitizer dispenser station with touchless temperature sensor
touchless thermometer and hand sanitizing sanitizer dispenser station germs coronavirus covid-19 disease prevention

The new Temp-Sani Stand is designed to deliver hands-free temperature readings and hand sanitizer. This stand includes a touchless thermometer that checks the user's forehead temperature while they sanitize their hands. The forehead thermometer includes an alarm, and is mounted above a hands-free sanitizing dispenser with tray. There is a customizable A4 size sign holder on top of the post, and the post height is adjustable so it can be used for kids and adults.

2. Waveline WB Banner Stand Sanitizer Dispensers

Waveline automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with double sided custom graphic
Waveline Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with custom printed double sided banners

The Waveline Sanitizer Banner Stand offers an elegant hand sanitizer solution with double-sided, full color custom graphics

Recycled Fabric: 1 planet savings

The WB model automatic hand sanitizer floor stand uses our Waveline banner stands, providing double-sided branding and advertising messages with touch-less spray sanitizer dispensers. These are a great solution for banks and higher end stores and malls, as well as at trade shows and conventions when they re-open. The fabric is made from our One Planet recycled fabric, and is machine washable if soiled. Like any fabric graphic, these can be easily replaced if needed.

3. The XV Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Touchless GEL Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
all XV dispenser stand options
wall mounted dispenser

The XV model line features another robust generic automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. This dispenser can be mounted on a post or directly to the wall. There are several types of signs that can be attached to the post, as wings, on top, or as a flat background with the dispenser mounted in the center. There is even an option to add a locking iPad mount above the dispenser. 

4. The Twist Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand


The Twist model hand sanitizer dispensers use a simple and economical post stand, with a spray sanitizer dispenser mounted to it. These are a great solution for restaurants, warehouses, offices, stores and anywhere that needs economically priced touch-less hand sanitizers for their staff and clients. 


For additional information on our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser solutions, check out our selection here. You can customize your own sanitizing station for your next sale or event. The turnaround time on our selections is typically two to three days.