Benefits to Having a Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A touch free hand sanitizer dispenser, motion-activated dispenser, automatic sanitizer dispenser, or however you like to name them, are starting to become more prevalent in workplaces. We now even have hand sanitizer dispensers with touch-less thermometers on them to check temperatures while you're sanitizing your hands!

A touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is an important invention in hand hygiene, but be sure that you’ve made plans to avoid common problems before you install one.

A touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is a device that dispenses a controlled amount of hand sanitizer. They function to conserve the amount of hand sanitizer used and stop the spread of infectious diseases, like the flu.

Benefits to Having a Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - hand sanitizer dispenser solutions

Benefits of Having a Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

There are several benefits to a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser, including:

  • They have a modern appearance, so they draw attention, increasing compliance with hand hygiene practices
  • They’re simple to install
  • They’re simple to use, especially for people with issues reaching over countertops to reach the hand sanitizer dispenser
  • They deliver a standardized dose of hand sanitizer
  • They eliminate a common contact point to prevent germs from being transferred

Negative Aspects of Having a Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

With all the benefits of a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser, businesses need to think through some of the drawbacks of them before making a final verdict.

  • A touch free hand sanitizer dispenser attracts attention. We just called this an advantage, but they can also draw the attention of vandals. This can lead to a serious problem because a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser can be expensive compared to manual dispensers to replace.
  • Batteries can deteriorate. Most automatic dispensers have an LED indicator that will turn on when maintenance needs to happen, or the batteries are low. But when the dispenser stops working, the hand hygiene practices stop too.
  • Batteries can be expensive. Most touch free hand sanitizer dispensers are extremely efficient and will work for many months. But the batteries do die out and need to be replaced at the cost of a few dollars per dispenser. When there are several dispensers in a building, the price can add up.
  • Batteries aren’t always available. Maintenance personnel doesn’t usually carry batteries around with them. They also don’t usually stock batteries in their inventory. So, unless the staff is ready for when the touch free hand sanitizer dispenser batteries run out, the sanitizer can stop flowing for a long time. One final thing about batteries is that there’s often hesitation from purchasing agents about stocking up on batteries because they’re a commonly stolen item.

Why A Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is Important

Touchless technology is an excellent idea because hard surfaces are significant transfer points for viruses and bacteria. Most of what people put down on a surface can be picked up by the next person who comes along. 

With more people sharing spaces and surfaces more than ever, touch free technology can prevent cross-contamination.

Three primary considerations make a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is essential.

You Might Wash Your Hands, But Not Everyone Else Does

You might be a person who scrubs their hands with water and soap for the full 20 seconds after going to the restroom, but not everyone else. About 95 percent of people fail to wash their hands long enough to remove and kill all germs after going to the restroom.

Those same people who don’t wash their hands then go and start touching the same office supplies, doorknobs, keyboards, fridge handle, coffee pot handle, and phones that you do. This is how infections can quickly spread, even if you properly wash your hands.

A simple squirt of sanitizer from a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser can prevent you from getting sick from the germs that everyone else is leaves behind. Additionally, it’s a great way to quickly disinfect your hands even if you do properly wash your hands after the restroom. 

It Shows People That You Care

Making a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser available in your business shows your prospective and current clients that their health is essential. This can generate a positive impression that you can take all the crucial details into account in any interaction and that matters, both to your clients and employees.

During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s imperative to show your clients and employees that you care about their health and safety. By having touch free hand sanitizer dispensers around your building, you’re also showing them that you’re taking this pandemic seriously.

Good Health Practices Lead to Improved Productivity and Lower Costs

Making touch free hand sanitizer dispensers available in all the important places in your business can keep illness away, which enables your employees to be healthier. This way, they won’t miss as much work when they’re sick.

Your employees will stay healthier and will be able to get their jobs done quicker. Fewer doctor visits and sick days can also help decrease your company’s overall health insurance plan costs. Healthy employees lead to a healthier company.

Best Places for Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Where you put hand sanitizer dispensers is crucial. High traffic areas and any areas that are frequently used by people to enter, exit, or stop are especially important. Studies have shown that a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is most effective in the following areas:

Entrances and exits

Doorknobs are one of the key places for germs to live and attack unsuspecting people. Within two to four hours of a virus being placed on a doorknob, about 40 to 60 percent of workers and visitors will pick it up. 

Kitchens and break rooms (any place where food is prepared or served)

When food is consumed with germ covered hands, it’s easy to digest them and become sick with several different illnesses. These rooms can be one of the most dangerous places in an office. So, while hand sanitizer shouldn’t be used to replace washing your hands with soap and water, it’s a great way to contain germs. 

Meeting and conference rooms

These rooms are often packed with visitors and employees who are exchanging handshakes and swapping germs. Having a touch free hand sanitizer dispenser by the door allows them to safeguard against the spread of germs and reminds them to disinfect their hands before and after a meeting. 

Near restrooms

There are times when people forget to wash their hands or don’t have enough time to wash their hands after using the restroom properly. By having hand sanitizer near or in the restroom(s), you’re providing people with an additional way to disinfect their hands.

 Plus, while most people know that they should wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, they often don’t do so and instead skip right to rinsing their hands with water. Hand sanitizer can help contain the spread of nasty germs and keep people safe. 

High-traffic areas

Having hand sanitizer dispensers outside of the office is also very important. High-traffic areas should provide hand sanitizer wherever possible to help ensure that everyone stays safe. Places that should do this include airport terminals, mall hallways, and recreational centers, among others. 

Having hand sanitizer in these areas keeps people safe. Still, it helps to improve the image of the area and shows that they’re dedicated to keeping customers safe. 

Getting the Best Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A touchless squirt of hand sanitizer can go a long way to helping your clients, employees, and you keep sickness at bay. With American Image Displays dispensers, you also get fantastic service to ensure that those dispensers are full and functional when they’re needed the most.

American Image Displays offers several types of touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers for you to choose from. They all come with the necessary tools to install the dispenser, a support base, an aluminum column, and a drip tray. All you have to do is find the right dispenser for your needs and business and go from there.

Final Thoughts

A touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is a great way to keep you and your employees safe from germs and illnesses. Additionally, having them around your business makes it clear to people that you’re committed to promoting healthy hand hygiene practices.

There are several benefits to having touch free hand sanitizer dispensers, including that they’re easy to use and install. This is important because if they were hard to install, fewer people would use them. Since they’re easy to use, people can quickly grab some hand sanitizer when they pass a dispenser and go on their way.

Additionally, having hand sanitizer dispensers in certain areas, such as high-traffic areas and restrooms, can contain germs and prevent people from getting sick.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are a great and effective way to reduce the number of germs on your hands. While they don’t eliminate all germs and shouldn’t be used as a replacement for washing your hands, hand sanitizer is an excellent tool for businesses where employees need a quick way to disinfect their hands.