6 Best Automotive Trade Shows

Every year, major car companies descend on cities across the country for a week of automotive industry trade shows. These events are perfect opportunities for car enthusiasts to get up close and personal with the latest models and technologies from their favorite automakers.

Not only that, but they are also a great way for companies to show off their latest and greatest new products to a captive audience.

This in-person interaction gives car companies an opportunity to gather valuable feedback from potential customers in regards to their products, which can be used to implement improvements for future production. It is truly a win-win situation!

The best automotive trade shows allow interested consumers the chance to get out, converse with the companies that are most important to them, and learn more about the future of cars in general.

They also provide a space for people to learn about the latest and greatest in-car technology, in order to make a properly informed decision when it comes to upgrading their ride or buying a new ride alltogether!

We have created a round-up that includes a number of the best automotive trade shows to attend in order to stay in the loop on the latest and greatest in the automotive industry.

The Texas Auto Body Trade Show

The Texas Auto Body Trade Show

The Texas Auto Body Trade Show is a yearly event geared towards the auto body industry and strives to give interested consumers the chance to check out the newest products up close and personal. The event is hosted by the Texas Automotive Association and has been held annually since the year 1969.

The show is a great opportunity for members of the industry to connect with others, network, and of course get their hands on the latest tools, equipment, and cutting-edge products.

This event has been a staple in the auto body industry for almost 30 years. Over the years, the show has evolved to become the premier event for the auto body space, offering a wide variety of vendor stations, services, and products for attendees to learn about, appreciate, and potentially purchase!

The two-day automotive trade show is being held at the Irving Convention Center venue in Irving, Texas, on August 26-27, 2022. This event has been attended by thousands of professionals from all corners of the earth. The Texas Auto Body Trade Show is a great event that contributes consistently to the development of the automotive body shop industry.

It allows exhibitors and vendors to show off their latest products, services, and equipment to shop owners and managers alike. The show includes a number of educational seminars and informational sessions and boasts a stacked trade show floor that showcases around 50 exhibitors, live demonstrations, and a car show.

It also hosts the “Big Shot Competition”, which features professional painters, estimators, and body technicians displaying their expertise and prowess.

The Texas Auto Body trade show provides a great opportunity for company owners and managers to meet and network with other owners and managers and enthusiasts in order to share information concerning best practices and techniques, as well as to find out more about the latest trends in the industry.

The SEMA Show

The SEMA Show

The SEMA Show is one of the largest automotive trade shows in the world. Held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, it consistently draws a crowd of over 100,000 car enthusiasts and industry insider attendees.

Hosted by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), the event is considered one of the largest and most comprehensive automotive trade shows in the world. This year’s show will be held on Nov 1-4, 2022.

The SEMA Show is also known to be one of the most profitable automotive investments, with exhibitors reporting to have generated an average of over $1 million in sales each year.

The show offers a unique opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, distributors, and hobbyists or enthusiasts to connect, network, and do business with one another in a high-energy environment.

This event is truly one of the best places to get exposure to the latest innovative trends, products, and technologies in the automotive industry.

The Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show has been held annually since the year 1971. As the world’s premier auto show and convention, the event brings more than 1,500 high-quality exhibitors from all over the world to one awesome location where they can showcase their products.

Definitely, one of the best automotive trade shows currently in operation. The SEMA event offers incredible opportunities for exhibitionists, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to connect with consumers and other business owners, showcase their hard work, and have a great time while doing so!

Philadelphia International Auto Show

Philadelphia International Auto Show

The Philadelphia International Auto Show is yet another one of the largest auto shows in the world, attracting 250,000 yearly attendees and showcasing well over 500 different auto varieties. This year’s show was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on March 5-13, 2022.

The Philadelphia International Auto Show is open to the general public, which allows people who may not have been aware of its existence to discover and enjoy all it has to offer! The event consistently has an incredible turnout and offers a great place to find awesome deals on new and used cars.

Each year the event showcases something like 1,000 of the latest and greatest new cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market, making it the perfect place for attendees to learn more about the newest and greatest in the automotive industry.

The show features a strong variety of car manufacturers, including some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Ford, Toyota, and GM, as well as other less-known companies on the rise.

As one of the only auto shows in the country that is open to the public AND is admission free, the attendees’ turnout numbers are quite staggering. The inclusivity of this event is truly something to be admired, as it creates an unmatched level of exposure, and offers the potential for incredible numbers

Definitely one of the best all-around automotive trade shows in North America, and one that should be included on any list!

Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS)

Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS)

The Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS), is an event that showcases the latest in vehicles, automotive products, and technologies for the upcoming year. It takes place on an annual basis at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Ontario and is known as one of the biggest automotive shows in all of Canada. This year’s automotive trade show took place on Feb 18, 2022; next year’s event is scheduled for Feb 17, 2023.

As one of the most exciting and highly attended events of the year, the Canadian International Auto Show brings together well over 1,000 vehicles from over 100 different manufacturers.

The show offers attendees a look at everything from cars, trucks, and SUVs, to concept cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles and even rickshaws! Truly offering something for everyone, this yearly event is perfect for car enthusiasts and connoisseurs, as well as hobbyists and newcomers.

The Canadian International Auto Show is one of the biggest car shows in Canada and is a great place for people to check out the latest models and innovations in the automobile industry. It has been held annually since 1999 in the Metro Toronto Convention Center and has grown to be one of the biggest and most exciting auto shows in Canada.

The show opened on February 8 and will run for five days. There will be hundreds of exhibitors on hand, offering the latest car models, as well as parts, services, and other merchandise relating to automobiles.

The Canadian International Auto Show has become a highly sought-after platform for members of the Canadian automotive industry to showcase their products to attendees from across the country and the world!

The event draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from all corners of the earth, eager to check out the latest in automotive innovation.

Technology geared towards vehicle safety systems, electric vehicles, vehicle connectivity, and other new and exciting innovations is all on display. The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada also hosts its annual awards ceremony at the event

The C.I.A.S has become the most popular automotive trade show in Canada, allowing manufacturers the unique chance to connect on a personal level with their target consumers. Surely one of the best automotive trade shows in operation and one that is very deserving of a spot on our list!

Performance Racing Industry Show

Performance Racing Industry Show

The automotive performance racing and motorsports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that includes racing teams, vehicle manufacturers, sponsor organizations, and more.

The Performance Racing Industry Show (PRI) is the largest annual event for this industry, its members, and performance racing enthusiasts alike.

Held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, this yearly event provides an excellent opportunity for racers, suppliers, and fans of the industry to come together at one venue and connect with each other!

The 2022 automotive trade show is scheduled for DECEMBER 8-10, 2022.

There are a number of different events that take place at PRI, including a trade show, a race festival, and a series of track days. The trade show is where the majority of the action happens.

The Performance Racing Industry trade show is host to some 1,200 companies and buyers from 50 states and over 70 countries. It features exhibits that display the latest advancements in racing products, race engineering, and motorsports technology in general.

Everything from engine parts, suspension hardware, and new coating formulas, to data acquisition gadgets, and cutting-edge software is being presented each year. It offers exposure to new ideas and tech, as well as an endless opportunity for businesses and individuals to network!

This event is quite exclusive, as attendees and exhibitors are required to be pre-qualified as members of the Performance Racing Industry.

Admission is completely complimentary, however, individuals must show proof that they either own, manage, or are in some way employed by an accredited racing/motorsport business.

The Performance Racing Industry trade show is a three-day event that marks one of the most important times of the year for anyone involved in the motorsports and performance racing industry.

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo, also known by many as AAPEX, is an annual trade show that provides a great platform for members of the automotive aftermarket products industry to display their most prominent products and services.

This event represents the over $700 billion global automotive aftermarket industry and has become the premier event for products, business solutions, and the latest innovative technology in the automotive world.

Held annually at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, this major automotive trade show brings in well over 70,000 suppliers, manufacturers, and operators in the automotive industry. Open only to trade professionals, it features over 2,500 exhibiting parts, vehicle systems, repair equipment and so much more. This year’s event is set for NOVEMBER 1–3, 2022.

Attendees have access to incredible offers on a variety of automotive aftermarket products and services. Registered buyers have included auto service and repair professionals, independent warehouse distributors, fleet buyers, and service chains alike.

This event also features a number of special areas that include things like a dedicated tyre spot called “Joe’s Garage” and a Technology of Tomorrow section, as well as roundtable panel discussions with industry expert keynote speakers.

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo is by far one of the most important meetings for everyone involved in the global automotive aftermarket industry.

This event is the hub for new products, business solutions, education, innovation, and exceptional networking opportunities.