App Corner: TVFoodMaps

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In this program we will be briefly covering new apps that make your trade shows or events easier and more effective simply by adding something to your mobile arsenal. These days nearly everyone has a tablet or smart phone  -- let's make them smarter, help you make money and save time so you can get to exhibiting!

This issue will be on a new app that can make wining a dining while on-the-go a lot more tasty, called TVFoodMaps.

Name: TVFoodMaps
Developer: Food Network
Platform: Apple iOS11, Android
Cost: Free w/ Ads, Paid version is available without Ads.

One of the most challenging things about trade shows can be the travel. Dealing with the logistics, schedule changes and time zones can be difficult - but travel to new locations can also be an opportunity, specifically with regard to regional cuisine.

TVFoodMaps is not specifically for trade shows, but if you travel and love food - you may just love this app. It has been around for a while and has earned itself many reviews for some of the best eats in each town. If you find yourself in your hotel occasionally watching the Food Network, or just wanting to try something new and experience something new and recommended, this may be the way to go. Unlike Yelp and other review websites, this app features the reviews from professional consumers of tasty foods, with over 4,000 restaurants covered in over 30 different shows!

App Corner TVFoodMaps

The app will check for eateries in your vicinity if you share the information, but you can also just use the search bar if you choose not to share your location with the app. This will bring up a map with markers for restaurants that were covered in Food Network episodes (going back years) and pictures with tiles below.

There is also a list view if you prefer just to scroll through the pictures and restaurant names.

The information on each location includes the name, location, phone #, website like any other directory. But it also includes the shows that covered it, including episode dates and the entire menu in a separate tab! The only downside is that you cannot seem to play the episode from the app. However, I found that I could easily put the episode title and date in my favorite search engine to find a playable version to scout the food I might be ordering.

For an avid Trade Show attendee visiting many different cities or regions, this would be a fantastic app to add to your plate!

Using apps is becoming common in booths, but it is not the only way to use technology in the trade show business.

Next issue: Wednesday August 16th, 2017