App Corner: AR Measure

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In this program we will be briefly covering new apps that make your trade shows or events easier and more effective simply by adding something to your mobile arsenal. These days nearly everyone has a tablet or smart phone  -- let's make them smarter, help you make money and save time so you can get to exhibiting!

This issue will be on a new app that has the potential to make things a lot easier, called AR Measure.

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Name: AR Measure
Developer: Laan Labs
Platform: Apple iOS11
Cost: Free

How often have you been to a show or a site to suddenly realize that you need to measure something but may not have brought a measuring tape?

AR Measure brings the promise of assisting in those moments. It uses both AR & the smart phone camera to make what look to be fairly accurate measurements to make the task easier!

The application allows you to measure using either a virtual measuring tape (that appears to be accurate within a few millimeters) or a displayed span. It is intended for use in measuring items up close, so is not intended at measuring from a distance but it does allow the user to measure things like the top of a trade show display that will remove the need to go grab a ladder.

AR Measure is still in beta but they have a sign-up on their page and look to realize with Apple iOS11 release. AR Measure uses the Apple ARKit platform so it is not clear that an Android version is going to be available.

For an event marketer on-the-go with a device that runs iOS11, it looks like something you might want to add that allows you to easily measure most things at the show without having to search for a tape measure.

Be sure to keep tabs on this one!

For more information about what you can do with augmented reality, read our spotlight on AR.

Next issue: Wednesday August 2nd, 2017