Trade Show Booths with Meeting Rooms

Planning the design for your next trade show booth or display? You may want to include an area, separate from the general area, for talking to important attendees or holding meetings with your staffers. You don’t want to find yourself needing a little one-on-one time with a potentially big client but lacking the space to do so. You can even select one of the trade show booths with meeting rooms, that include a conference room in the overall design. It really just depends on your goals and your needs.

Here are a few simple ideas that may help you out:

10 x 20 modular trade show displayFor Smaller Displays

You don’t need to make this harder than it is. Moving the display frame toward the front by a few feet, rather than placing it in the back of your available space, can give you a little room for a small table and chairs, like the 10×20 booth pictured here.

Better yet, you can select one of the several smaller display designs that already include meeting spaces!

For Medium-Sized Displays

You can arrange your portable trade show displays so that a meeting area is essentially “walled-off” from the rest of the floor. If you decide to go this route, it is important that you don’t close the space entirely because you want it to feel welcoming, not like the guest is trapped inside. Granted, it won’t be sound proof but it will get the job done.

For Large Displays20x20 modular trade show display

If you have the budget and available space, go for comfortable seating and a quality experience for the guest. You can really impress potential clients if you can say, “Let’s step back here and talk about it,” rather than, “Do you have a card?” You can get as creative as you want with extravagant ideas the one pictured, or like this one, but make sure the space fits your overall display and business goals

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