Pizzazz! How to Get Your Trade Show Display Noticed

Trade shows are all about getting noticed. When reviewing trade show display ideas and trade show supplies, keep in mind that standing out is not easy. With dozens or even hundreds of different trade show booths inside the convention center, getting noticed takes a bit of planning.

Even if you use a new exhibit display – for example, a Waveline tension fabric design – if the graphics don’t “POP”, they become part of the background and make it difficult to bring in possible clients, customers and networking opportunities.tension fabric waveline_arch-resized-600

By selecting the best trade show booth ideas, and taking your display stands to the next level, it is possible to bring in much more traffic and take the business to the next level too.

It doesn’t have to cost a good deal amount of money in order to make your trade show displays get noticed or stand out from the crowd of other displays – even the right choice in trade show tables and a good table throw will work – but it does take a little thought.

Obviously, no matter how incredible the trade show exhibit itself is, if the product is no good, nobody is going to stand around. It’s not rocket science, and there are no magic tricks – attractive trade show banners and exhibits will attract attention and pull people in, but the display stand isn’t going to keep folks there.

The exhibit’s job is to catch their eye and help them look at your product – but if the product or service is no good, they still won’t want to use the services.

So, AFTER you have a marketable product, focus on creating a little pizzazz to help  bring the visitors in. There are a few simple methods anyone can use in order to boost the draw of their backlit trade show displays.

Once you get the crowd into the booth, then your excellent presentation, showing of your great products and services, will bring home the bacon.xpressions_sheer_3x3b-resized-600

One great and simple way to add pizzazz to a trade show booth like a Waveline or Xpressions display, or even a Pronto banner stand, is through well planned trade show graphics and some good lighting.

Graphics can make or break a display – poor resolution, poor printing, or just poor image selection and graphic design can sink any display.

Take the time to do them right. Once you have the right graphics, proper lighting can add an element of design and theatrics, which can take the trade show exhibits to the next level.

Trade show lighting, especially with colored or moving lights, can definitely help attract the attention of onlookers.

Another good, simple method to attract attention is by using great trade show signage – that means, large and easy to read!

Overhead hanging signs in a trade show are great, and relatively inexpensive these days. Keep in mind, if there are too many words on the sign, people are not going to read it. Having a simple, bright design is going to bring people’s eyes to your trade show booth.

Colors and great design help attract attention, but most important is making sure the sign is easy to read.

When it comes to showing a trade show display, it is very important to bring attention to your exhibition displays in order to make them stand out from all the other trade show booths and banners. This is done by creating a good plan, including great graphics and trade show signage.

Find a good source of trade show supplies – if you don’t have one, please feel free to check out the wide variety of trade show booth designs available at Be sure to explore lots of trade show booth ideas, and then select a unique display stand option or two to try out – it doesn’t have to cost too much – but something new just might make the difference, ensuring the booth traffic at your next trade show is fantastic.

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