Important Do’s and Don’ts of Trade Show Booth Design

Trade shows are places where vendors from all over are vying for the attention of those all-important customers. Whether the trade show focuses on high-tech gizmos or hamster-powered paper shredders (they exist, look it up), everyone there will be trying to identify the best booth ideas and create the best trade show booth design, in order to convince potential customers or investors that their product or service is the most interesting.RENTAL RE-4002 Includes Conference Area, Storage Closet with Locking Door, Clear Acrylic Shelves, and trade show Counters-resized-600

Well, doggone it, theirs isn’t. Yours is! Even if your product seems to have nothing in common with your nearest neighbor you want the attention to be on your convention display. The last thing you want to hear is a couple of trade show attendees walk past your display talking about what a great trade show booth design they saw on the other end of the venue. So here are some booth design ideas to get people to your booth and hopefully pick up a few customers:

Do work with trade show booth designers to create a visually compelling trade show booth design. Your show-stopping expo display should be one part marketing, one part psychology, one part messaging, and one part visual art.

Do provide an instant message. As a person walks by, you have mere seconds to get their attention and show them who you are and what you’re about. A mysterious persona is great for a secret agent, but it’s no good for a business. If they can’t figure you out within a second or two, they’re likely to just keep on walking.

Do keep your exhibit area open and inviting. People like to feel welcome, so keep barriers of any sort at a minimum in your trade show booth designs. If possible, have a small seating area where you can sit down and talk with attendees and promising prospects in more detail.

Do take advantage of being on an end-cap if you can. Many people will pause at the end of an aisle to get their bearings. This gives you a few extra seconds to get their attention.

Do try to be as visible as possible from the restrooms or food area. When people are emerging from either of these two areas, they are more likely to be relaxed and in “strolling mode”. Refreshed, they’ll be looking for the next great experience at the trade show, and you just may be it!

Don’t rely solely on static displays. To draw attention, some kind of animation is needed, whether it’s a rotating sign or a digital video display. People are drawn instinctively to movement. Static displays are fine once they get there, but first you have to get them there!

Don’t block people out. Be sure pop up displays, table top displays, and trade show counters are not impeding anyone from getting into your booth. Not only is it inconvenient for customers to have to wend their way through a labyrinth just to see your booth, it also sends out a subtle “stay away” message.formulate C shaped tension fabric back wall

Don’t trap people in. Unless there’s some reason you need to block out the ambient light of the venue, such as if you’re selling projectors or special lighting, don’t enclose your potential customers. Nobody likes to feel caged in.

Don’t trot out your whole product line. Just focus on the best you have to offer. This avoids clutter and an overwhelming feeling some people can get when they’re faced with far too much information or too many choices.

And finally, don’t skimp on the trade show carpet! Attendees have been walking around all day and will appreciate a booth with a soft, plush carpet. Nobody ever lost a sale over providing a comfortable environment. (Your booth workers will appreciate it, too!)

If you’d like to speak with a trade show booth designer, or get help with trade show booth ideas or any part of the trade show booth design process, check out our personal shopper service – we’re experts on the differences between the many different types of trade show booths, and offer a free personal shopper service. Just give us a call or fill out the Request Info form inside our store for details.

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